2.5 kVA Diesel Generator: Feature & Specification

The motive lies not most effective within the production of the generator itself, but the gasoline type that helps power the generator to run in all forms of situations.

Diesel Genset can offer a continuous source of energy for all associated oil & gasoline activities, together with drilling, pumping, and loading. Portable diesel generators can help the energy system, to provide reliable electricity. The 2.5 kVA diesel generators are known for the durability, in addition to versatility to deal with tasks of all types and sizes. The DG sets are beneficial to power home appliances as well as to run small

Businesses. The motive lies not most effective within the production of the generator itself, but the gasoline type that helps power the generator to run in all forms of situations.

2.5 kVA diesel generator specification:

Every generator defines the specs of that product which may be defined about their operations on the idea of the manufacturing of the product.

  • Generator Power Rating:   2.5 KVA 
  • Engine Power:   5HP
  • Power:   2.5kva
  • Cooling System:   Air Cooling, Water Cooling
  • Fuel Type:   Diesel
  • Frequency:   50hz
  • Number of Cylinder:   1
  • Rated O/P Speed(RPM):   1500 
  • Fuel Tank Size:   5 Lit
  • Output Phase:   Single Phase
  • Power O/P Voltage:   220 Volts
  • Amps:   10 Amps
  • Electrical Start:   Optional

Diesel 2.5kVA Genset Features:

The feature of any Generator is defined about their working capacity as well as their operations where it’s going to be beneficial for the electricity supply when strength has gone. Here we are defining the functions of 2.5kVA DG Set:

  • Due to the contemporary engine of 2.5 kVA diesel generator, they tremendously paintings efficiently. Also, the 2.5 kVA DG Set fuel consumption charge can be very low.
  • 2.5kVA inverter generator is clean & reliable electricity for home power needs.
  • Very Easy to use Such as push on & off button of this Genset make them simpler to operate.
  • Due to the portability of 2.5 kVA transportable DG Set, you may use this strength backup for multipurpose. Such as small events or any outing.
  • Because of the noiseless function of this energy backup, you could use the 2.5 kVA inverter generator in the home.
  • Available with tremendous Genset cover which reduces the noise of DG Set & protects your energy returned up from bad weather.
  • Hence, we will say that 2.5kVA Genset may be very popular within the market because of its effective operations.

Advantages of 2.5kVA Diesel generator:

  • Diesel mills are designed to be rugged and durable, as well as efficient
  • Sturdier build production with stronger metals, large engines & cooling components
  • Lower protection costs because of the loss of spark plugs for spark-ignition
  • Lower noise output and less typical renovation when in comparison to natural fuel turbines
  • Longer overall lifespan & longevity
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Longer service & protection durations when in comparison to natural gasoline mills

Diesel 2.5 kVA Genset Features you should consider earlier than buying:

  •  Alternative Fuel

While most portable mills use gas only, there are models designed to run on natural gasoline or a propane fuel tank. Some, however, can be converted by the use of specific kits.

  • Fuel Gauge

A gas gauge permits you to check gasoline tiers effortlessly, which is particularly beneficial at some stage in extended strength blackouts.

  • Low-Oil Shutoff

A generator is designed to close down automatically every time oil falls underneath a specified degree for safety reasons. A good form of transportable turbines characteristic this reachable feature.

  • Inverter Technology

High-end transportable mills provide purifier output energy that can be used by even the most sensitive appliances. Such mills are appropriate for camping wondering they commonly carry out much more silently.

  • Multiple Outlets

Four or even greater permits you to please make use of the wattage because they unfold the load. However, you need to apply all the shops at some points of outdoor camping expeditions or emergencies only.

  • Removable Console

They will let you straight away plug home devices into your portable generator without the usage of the potential change extension cords.


Nowadays, the generator is a part of your life. If you want a Generator on rent in Delhi NCR, you could go to the EO Energy internet site and additionally use our support smartphone number. Generators are the backup strength assets that convert gasoline deliver and may be used for commercial, commercial or residential purposes. Different forms of gas Such as diesel, petrol, fuel, etc can be utilized by the gen-sets to supply the electricity. While diesel Gen-set is a top-notch fuel source, because of the stability of the fuel, the strength density to quantity ratio, and intake rates, the downsides could consist of maximum gasoline garage potential and the reality that diesel gas remains flammable.