6 Benchtop Surface Inspiration For Your Next Kitchen Renovation

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Renovation of a small or ancient kitchen can make a huge impact on modern living. Modern kitchens in Eastern Suburbs Sydney may make cooking more enjoyable while also making it easier. The best thing is that it increases the value of your property.

The kitchen countertop is an essential component and takes up a significant amount of real estate in a kitchen renovation project. Nothing completes the aesthetic of the kitchen like the appropriate benchtop.

With so many materials to choose from, selecting the appropriate kitchen benchtop for your future kitchen makeover might be difficult. Here are five of the most popular benchtop design concepts.


Natural textures and styles are becoming increasingly popular among kitchens in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

While timber is often simple to cut, join, and install, many renovators are wary of using it for their tabletop due to continuing upkeep and the question of durability.

A timber benchtop should be sealed during installation and re-coated at least once a year. To preserve the longevity of your worktops and that they age gracefully over time, tip up spills immediately, making sure they are not left for extended periods of time and treat them on a regular basis with a wood oil treatment that will help prolong the worktop surface.


For straight benches, laminate benchtops are a popular low-cost choice. They are made of a manufactured wood product covered in laminate, with hundreds of bespoke looks available. 

They are frequently designed to look like stone, marble, or wood. You can go for a modern design or incorporate a theme, like in a retro-themed kitchen. You can go with a matching colour or something that contrasts with the rest of your kitchen decor for a bold and dramatic look.

Polished concrete

The industrial-style decor has long been established as a fashionable option for modern and contemporary homes in kitchen design.

Industrial-style components in kitchen design have grown in popularity, with concrete benchtops and open storage making their imprint on kitchen design trends. It is possible to construct beautiful, polished, and tinted concrete benchtops.

 Concrete develops a beautiful patina and can be poured in lengthy slabs with no seams. Furthermore, because each concrete bench is created, no two will be the same, adding to the originality of your kitchen design.


Marble is a sophisticated choice for a classic old-world style, but it can also be clean and modern. Marble is a natural material that is heat and scratch-resistant. The marble looks great with combined metal accents and sophisticated lighting.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel benchtops are commonly associated with commercial kitchens. It is low-maintenance and provides a clean, professional look to the workspace. It also looks good with stainless steel appliances and accents, however, depending on the finish you choose, it may show scratches. If you’re worried about fingerprints or scratches, brushed stainless steel is an excellent choice.


Your kitchen is the heart of your house, and choosing the right benchtop is one of the most essential decisions you’ll make for it. The kitchen also serves as an entertaining area, making it even more important.

Making the proper benchtop selection and employing a skilled installation is the best approach to ensure that you have a countertop that will turn your kitchen into an area you will love for years to come.