A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Wooden Floor


Homeowners considering new flooring owe it to themselves to consider the advantages and beauty of wood. There is nothing quite like the character and warmth that wood floors add to every room in the house. They are cosy, resilient, and surprisingly economical. There are many options in wood Flooring in Mosman that are appropriate for every application. Here are some considerations to make if you are looking for wood flooring for your home or building.

Type of wood flooring

The two main wood flooring subtypes that are popular at Flooring Mosman are solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. The long and short edges of solid wood flooring are bonded using a typical tongue and groove after the logs have been cut into the flooring.

Multiple layers of plywood and composite material are combined to create engineered wood flooring, which is then covered in a solid hardwood layer.

The main distinction between solid hardwood and engineered flooring is in the materials used to construct the floor, even though both varieties give the same natural beauty of hardwood. Since solid wood flooring can expand and contract in response to the humidity in a building, it must be laid on the ground floor or higher. 

Engineered flooring may be laid on all floors of the house, making it ideal for basements and bathrooms where moisture and dampness might be problems. Engineered flooring is more stable thanks to its multi-ply design.

Choice of wood species

The woods used for flooring come in a wide variety, although some are harder and consequently more lasting than others. The majority of consumers are more worried about daily wear and tear when choosing a wood floor. 

Although Red and White Oak are the most popular domestic wood flooring options, Hickory, Maple, and Walnut are also well-liked wood options for home flooring. The hardest types of exotic wood used include popular and well-liked wood. Naturally, harder wood will perform better for wear and tear in high-traffic areas of the home.

Grain, colour, and appearance

It is simple to choose a wood material to fit any room décor because Flooring Mosman wood flooring is available in a wide variety of species, styles, and finishes. Wide plank flooring with distinct wood grain patterns and a dark appearance will look great in a country-style environment. People prefer using oak or maple flooring with wide, erratic plank widths in colonial homes. 

Oak, Maple, or Walnut hardwood flooring and parquet flooring are wise selections for traditional interiors. Almost any kind of wood can be utilised in a modern context, depending on the applied stain or finish. For instance, pewter, dark charcoal, or whitewash finishes can turn any kind of wood into a contemporary masterpiece.

Final thoughts

Your flooring’s finish will determine how you should maintain and clean your hardwood floors. You can order prefinished or unfinished new wood material from Flooring in Mosman for your home flooring. Planks are fastened to a subfloor using nails, staples, or glue for both solid wood and engineered wood flooring installations. There are a number of innovative click-engineered solutions that are readily installable and can be floated above the subfloor.