Choosing the Right Cable Pulling Rope

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To choose the right pulling rope can often be confusing especially if you have never done this before. You need to understand that not all the ropes are equal. There is some cable hauling rope that you need to buy only from the experts so that you will be able to perform the activity without any worries.

There are markets selling cable hauling ropes and are categorised into different types. This includes either the twisted nylon, braided one or the polypropylene ropes. They are designed in such a way for the cable hauling operation that also includes the NBN rollout.

Factors to be considered for the right cable hauling rope:

While buying a cable hauling rope, there are some factors you should not be ignoring. Some of them are:

  • The haul distances
  • The power weight and data cables
  • The tray configuration and the conduct

Types of cable hauling rope:

Pelican cable pulling rope is one long distance cable hailing above which is suitable for more than 50 meters. It comes with a stretch factor and best for bungee techniques. Such type of rope offers low stretch cable pulling especially when the worksites are safety monitored.

The cable hauling rope is known for a better safety load rating as compared to the nylon rope because of the unique construction and the polypropylene strength. This rope comes with a break force which can be around 13, 670kg.

Braided cable pulling rope This is another quality if the rope you may want to consider. This rope is a cost-effective solution and an ideal choice for cable hauling. It is best for the short distances to stay around the 125-meter mark. Such a type of rope is best to break the strain of around 6500kg. It is best when you work on the safety rating of the ration around 2 by 1.

The rope has the ability to safely haul the cables that weigh around 3300 kg for the distance in the straight conduits.  There are also stores that supply the strip and lengths working load abilities but some of it often needs configuration to be done by the customers.

Is it worth buying cable hauling ropes?

Of course, with these two types of cable hauling ropes being sold in the market, there is no window for disappointment. But what matters the most is how you make the search. It is always important to speak with experts who have been using such a type of rope.

You can always speak with the suppliers who hold a good knowledge of selling the rope. However, see to it that the person you choose is a genuine one. The cable hauling rope is used for different sorts of activities right form pulling heavyweight or during the rock-climbing activities. Depending on the purpose, you need to make the choice.

Now that you have all thing with regards to cable hauling rope sorted, start with your search today and see to it that you get in a deal with an expert who can help you give the quality assured product and not sell the one to make money out of it.