Considerations Before Buying Slot Machine Cabinets

slot machine cabinets

Generally, all slot machines have similar construction, including coin trays, pull handles, reel glass, service candles, and bill acceptors. There are very few differences when discriminating one slot machine from another. Those are the slot machine cabinets that make the machines look different. 

The function of slot cabinets

One of the key components to raising revenue in gaming establishments or casinos is the cabinet. It is the large casing that contains the reels and other electronics. The frameworks of slot cabinets depend on the structures of slot machines. 

The older machines mostly had upright cabinets, and the latest machines may have slanted tops. The slot cabinets can affect your comfort level while gaming. Otherwise, it does not impact your winning or losing. 

Here are some factors that you need to consider before purchasing the slot machine cabinets for your slot machines.

  • Structure of the monitor

Nowadays, you can find monitors of slot machines in various shapes and sizes. The unique structure of the monitors cannot fit in every cabinet. Some monitors are square-shaped, and some are rectangular-shaped. 

There are also various monitor screens, such as flat, curved, double or triple-screen setups, etc. You need to recognize your monitor screen well and explain the cabinet supplier in detail. 

These days, the manufacturers of slot machine cabinets have comprehensive updates about the latest slot machines. So they can build the cabinet that is perfect for your machine. 

  • Quality of the cabinet

The main purpose of slot cabinets is to hold the machines. You need a sturdy and durable base for the slot machine to allow the player comfortably playing. Moreover, a cabinet prevents the machine from external damage.

Several materials, such as metal, hybrid wood, premium quality wood, etc., are available for slot cabinets. You can ask the supplier about their materials and choose according to your preferences. 

You can also get more such as laminated and durable powder-coated finishes as the material.

  • Other accessories with the cabinet body

If you purchase slot cabinets from authentic suppliers, they build the necessary layouts in the product. Additionally, you can alter the layouts to match the design of your slot machines.

You can add footrests to the slot machine cabinets for an expedited gaming experience. Some configurations, such as top decks, purse guards, or walls, are also available. 

You can customize a universal game mount system. It may include a locking compartment to provide the players with security of their valuable stuff while busy playing. 

You can add router shelves, optional switches, and decorative end panels to enjoy easy floor modification. There are thermal-based end panels with LED backlit logos also available. That will increase the elegancy of your gaming room more. 


The appearances of the slot machines change by the frameworks of the slot machine cabinets. If you decide to purchase slot cabinets, you must reach out to an experienced company. They can assist you with your customization.