Different Types Of Architects

architect Inner West Sydney
architect Inner West Sydney

If you’re looking for an architect to design a home or office, you’ll want to know about the different types of architects. This will help you choose the right architect for your project and give you an idea of what they specialise in. This article will explore the different types of architects and what they can do for your project. We’ll have a type perfect for you from traditional to green architects!

Commercial Architects

Commercial architects in Inner West Sydney typically work with businesses to design and construct new buildings or renovations. They may also work on remodels and alterations or help companies select appropriate reuse for a building that’s been vacated.

Some common commercial tasks undertaken by commercial architects include:

-Designing a workplace from the ground up

-Developing plans for expanding or renovating an existing business structure

-Creating designs specific to a certain type of industry, such as retail stores, hospitals, office complexes, etc.    

Commercial architects often have degrees in architecture or engineering and years of experience designing practical, effective solutions for real-world problems.

Industrial Architects

Industrial architects in Inner West Sydney are responsible for designing and planning the layout of factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities. They may also work on improving efficiency or developing new manufacturing processes.

Industrial architects often have degrees in architecture or engineering and years of experience working with both structural and functional components of large-scale construction projects. 

Interior Architects

Interior architecture is a specialised field that focuses on designing spaces within buildings – from individual rooms to entire office complexes. Architects who practice interior architecture generally have degrees in architectural design or interior decoration. They may also have extensive knowledge of building materials, lighting, and industrial design.

Interior architects often work with businesses to create designs that meet specific needs or satisfy aesthetic preferences. They may also participate in the development of business policies and practices related to interior design.

Residential Architects

Residential architects design and oversee the construction of residential buildings, from single-family homes to high-rise apartments. They may also work on designing commercial, institutional, or public buildings that accommodate a variety of housing types.

Most residential architects in Inner West Sydney have degrees in architectural design or architecture. They typically have several years of experience working with clients and overseeing the execution of complex projects.

Green Architects

Green architects are responsible for designing buildings and other structures that meet the environmental standards set by a region or country. This includes everything from designing energy-efficient homes to constructing environmentally friendly office buildings.

Landscape Architects

Landscape architecture is a field that combines environmental planning, design, and construction to create sustainable communities.

 Landscape architects often have degrees in landscape architecture or horticultural science. They may also have relevant experience in engineering, forestry, and surveying.
The field of architectural design is complex and diverse, with many different types of architects working to create unique structures and spaces. This way of life is often rewarding, as architects in Inner West Sydney will be able to create beautiful and functional spaces that help businesses and individuals achieve their goals.