Double Roller Blinds Installation: A Comprehensive Guide For Homeowner

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Double roller blinds are a popular way to cover windows in homes and businesses. The blinds are a stylish and practical way to control light, keep your privacy, and save energy. The blinds have two layers, so you can control how much light and privacy you want while still being able to see outside. They come in many colours, fabrics, and patterns, making them an excellent choice for any interior design style.

However,  double roller blind installation in Maroubra can be challenging for many homeowners. You need to know what you’re doing, pay attention to details, and have the right tools to put them in. This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to install double roller blinds in your home.

Measure The Window

This is the first step of double roller blind installation. To make sure the blinds fit right, it’s essential to get accurate measurements. You must measure the window recess’s width, height, and depth.

First, measure how wide the window recess is. Three times, measure the recess and write down the smallest measurement. Next, take three measurements of the height of the window recess and write down the smallest one. Lastly, measure the depth of the window recess by measuring the distance from the front of the window recess to the wall or frame.

Choose The Right Bracket

The next step is to pick the right bracket for your double roller blinds. Brackets can be hung from the ceiling or the wall. If you don’t have much room or want a cleaner look, ceiling-mounted brackets are a good choice. If you have enough wall space, wall-mounted brackets are a good choice.

Brackets on the ceiling are put up above the window, while brackets on the wall are put up next to the window. Choose the bracket that works for your window and how you want to install it.

 install The Brackets

After you pick the bracket, the next step is to put it in place. Start using a pencil to mark where the bracket will go on the wall or ceiling. Make sure the bracket is level and fixed well. Then, drill holes where you marked and screw the brackets in place.

Use toggle bolts to secure the ceiling-mounted bracket to the ceiling if you are putting it up. Toggle bolts can be used on both plaster and drywall ceilings. Ensure the toggle bolts fit the hole and are strong enough to hold the weight of the blinds.

 install The Blinds

After installing the brackets, you can put up the blinds. First, put the blinds into the brackets and make sure they fit tightly. Then, connect the chain to the bottom bar of the blind and the brackets. Pull on the chain to make sure the blinds roll up and down smoothly.

You can cut the fabric to the correct length if the blinds are too long. Carefully cut the fabric with a pair of sharp shears. Make sure the fabric is cut evenly to keep it from fraying.

Add Finishing Touches 

Lastly, you can add some finishing touches to make your double roller blinds look better. You can cover the brackets with valances, pelmets, or fascias to give your window a clean, finished look. Valances are fabric pieces that cover the top of the blinds and attach to the front of the bracket. Pelmets are covers made of wood or fabric that go on top of the bracket and cover the top of the blinds.

 Double roller blind installation in Maroubra may seem hard, but you can do it yourself with the right tools, know-how, and attention to detail. If you do these things, your new window treatments will be up and ready to use. Before adding any finishing touches, measure correctly, choose the right bracket, and test the blinds. Best of luck!