Everything You Need To Know About B&D Garage Door Opener

b&d garage door opener

Garage door maintenance is one of the most forgotten parts of having a garage. But garage doors must be taken care of properly like any other mechanical device. If you don’t do these things, your b&d garage door opener could start to work incorrectly or even stop.

To avoid dealing with garage door parts and service too often, you will need a good maintenance plan and a few tips to ensure everything works right.

Clear the Tracks

Look at the tracks on each side of the b&d garage door opener. Make sure they are clean and have no rust or dirt on them. You can also look at each vertical section to see its level. You can make small changes on your own, but anything bigger should be done by a professional.

Watch and Listen

Watching your b&d garage door opener open and close is the easiest thing to do. There is a good chance that you will be able to see or hear when something is wrong. The most obvious signs are jerky movements, scraping or grating sounds, and a lack of movement. If you take care of your garage door, it should open and close easily and quietly. Make sure the pulleys, springs, and cables are as symmetrical as possible.

Keep Hardware Tight

Something being loose is one of the most common problems with garage doors. They move up and down hundreds of times a year, so it is very common for some of the hardware to become loose because of the vibrations and movement. Check the hardware if you hear strange sounds or think your door moves oddly. Some of the most common problems are with the brackets, which can be fixed by tightening any loose bolts you find.

Check the Rollers

The rollers allow the b&d garage door opener to move up and down on its tracks. They also get worn down easily. You should look at the rollers at least twice a year to ensure they are in good shape. They should be changed every five to seven years at most. During the inspection, if you find any rollers cracked, chipped, or worn, you should replace them immediately.

Provide Lubrication

Lubricating them keeps the door openers and rollers from getting too stressed, which makes them last longer. At least twice a year, you should apply a high-quality lubricant to all the hinges and rollers and wipe off the extra.

Test Balance

When a b&d garage door opener is not balanced correctly, it has to work harder. It does not last as long as it could if it did not have to work as hard. It only takes a few pounds of force to tip it off balance. Lifting the door by hand is a good way to test it. It is fine if it stays open without your help. If it does not, you might need to replace the springs.

Replace Weather stripping

Weather stripping can and will lose its rubber over time. It is meant to keep out dust, dirt, and water as well as cold. Check it twice a year to make sure it is in good condition. If it isn’t, you might want to replace it with new weather-stripping to keep things from getting into your garage that you don’t want.