Factors To Consider When Buying A Travertine Tile

tumbled travertine tile

The most elegant stone for any place is travertine. Natural stone is preferred for residential and commercial buildings because of its silver and delicate beige tones. Depending on the usage, the thickness of tumbled travertine tiles and pavers ranges from 12mm to 30mm. Any property gains a touch of sophistication and elegance from natural stones. Even though there are many different kinds of natural stones available, travertine, a type of limestone, is a trendy option among many architects, interior designers, and landscape architects. Below mentioned are the factors to consider when buying a travertine tile:

Desired appearance:

The type of finish you need for that particular space should be the first and most crucial consideration. You should generally search for rustic tiles to achieve either a chiselled or a tumbled appearance. However, choose polished, filled and pushed tiles to achieve modern or contemporary finishes. For those unfamiliar, the selection of travertine tiles comes in various hues and textures. Silver travertine will be the ideal choice if you are looking for a soft grey with a hint of silver or light blue undertone. Travertine comes in a variety of colours and finishes.


Applications influence travertine tile selection in the same way pavers and tiles are chosen. Travertine tiles can be used indoors in different forms. For outdoor areas like pathways, pool surrounds, patios, or walls, unfilled and tumbled travertine tiles are appropriate. They have a solid foundation and are less likely to slip than sharpened and filled materials. Tumbled travertine tiles are more robust and can easily survive adverse weather conditions and physical damage.

Hard and soft travertine:

Select a soft travertine if smoothness is your top priority. Choose hard travertine, nevertheless, if you want durability. Before you buy something, grab a broken piece and try to crumble the edges to see whether it is soft or firm. The likelihood of soft material is increased if the edges easily crumble. The complex variety of tumbled travertine tiles is recommended for floor tiles because of their endurance.


The grade of the stone will be utilized to make the tiles is the second most crucial thing you need to consider. You must recognize that every vendor will assert that the tiles and stones they use are of the highest calibre. Determining the stone’s quality will be difficult because there are no official categories for it, especially for those new to the sector.

Frequency of cleaning:

Travertine could be subjected to liquid spills, dirt, debris, or dampness depending on usage or foot traffic. Consequently, you should choose tumbled travertine tiles for outdoor use. They are durable, non-slip, and resistant to deterioration. The surface would remain safe if they were sealed and the pores in their surfaces were filled with glue. 

Final thoughts:

Travertine tiles can be used in various applications and are solid and adaptable. You should purchase the tiles from trustworthy shops. Travertine tiles are attractive and affordable options. You can select a polished tile to enhance the look of your floor. Honed and filled travertine tiles are strongly advised for indoor floors, backsplashes, and walls.