From Disposable Gowns To PPE Kits – A New Age Of Medical Supplies

Medical supplies were always of primary importance in the sphere of hospitals and healthcare clinics. These are extensively used to protect the patients and the medical staff equally; their usage always stood for the prevention of spreading germs and infection at all levels. 

  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Operation theatre gowns
  • Doctors’ overalls and gowns
  • Head masks or covers
  • Protective apparel

These are some of the products that were always in use among members of the medical staff in a clinic or a big hospital alike. 

Changing Times And Enhanced Care

The pandemic situation across the world has seen a phenomenal change in every aspect of life and this is not left the sphere of medical supplies and accessories as well. 

In fact, medical supplies and accessories have seen an elevated standard in the past couple of years and more due to stringent demands for virus protection. 

  • There is a new range of face masks available now that are different from the usual pollution masks or even the surgical ones worn in hospitals. These masks are specifically designed to give extra protective cover from all kinds of virus infections when worn correctly. 
  • The use of isolation gowns among patients and doctors and medical staff members helps in the prevention of contamination of virus and disease germs between sources. These are used both by patients kept in isolation during Covid related infections and by doctors attending to all such patients. The design and nature of the materials of these gowns do not allow the germs to spread. 
  • Disposable products are the all-new approach for medical supplies and accessories in the past few years, especially after the pandemic scare. From disposable PPE kits and gloves or masks to disposable isolation gowns – these are all made with a one-time use material that is disposed of carefully after being taken off. These are strictly not reusable products; they are always available in clean and hygienically sealed packets and once their use is over there is no reusing this; it is taken off and destroyed or thrown away carefully to be discarded forever. 

Disposable Materials And Products 

Most medical accessories and supplies in the post-Covid times are made in a way that is disposable after one-time use. There is no scope for washing and cleaning or even reusing again. 

The materials used in the making of these products are usually very comfortable to allow medical staff members to wear these for long hours. Once discarded these are also easily destructible with the environment-friendly and biodegradable nature of the fabrics and materials. 

Prevention Of Contamination 

The single point of focus all over the world is the prevention of further contamination of any virus attack. This is the only means of saving lives at a time when proven medication is yet to come into use. 

The use of hand gloves, masks is of utmost importance to stop and contain the spread of the virus among people.

The use of disposable products helps to achieve this end with their restricted use and exposure among people and doctors alike.