Guidelines To Maintain Your Cricket Memorabilia

cricket memorabilia

There are so many cricket lovers which we probably must have not even known. The crazy fans of cricket have some of the awesome collections which you can enjoy in their online gallery too. Cricket certainly is the most loved sport in many countries. It is played on a large scale and needless to say over all other sports, the only tough competition which has given to football is cricket. We all know how the fighting spirit in the game gives Goosebumps. Well, there are some genuine cricket memorabilia available in Sydney that you may want to get for yourself. But once you have got, the point comes is what’s next? Well here are some of the advisory tips that you may want to follow.

  • Do You Have Vintage Leather? Treat It Nicely:

Anything associated with the cricket memorabilia collection that is in vintage leather must be extra taken care. You must not apply any kind of cream or oil. In case you think there is some kind of dirt accumulation, simply use a damp cloth to wipe out and let it dry. But don’t let it dry in the sunlight. You can also choose some better leather conditioner which is free of water and even silicone. This way leather will not get affected at all.

  • Store With Extra Care:

Anything which you have got for your personalized collection of the crickets port must be taken extra care as said. Well, when it comes to storage as well, be it a ball or the bat, you must keep it in the controlled temperature while maintaining the level of humidity too. At home, it is important for you to keep the leather items in the archival box in the living area closet. This way, there is a stable environment which your collection shall get at the same time, pests, dust and dirt will not also hamper in any possible manner.

  • Look for Meaningful Memorabilia:

In Sydney, when you check out some of the best cricket memorabilia, you might want to see the collection online on how well they have maintained. You can also search some auction sources and old newspapers and new articles and artifacts about the sports personality whose collection you have been wanting to have all this time.

  • Storing It? Wash Them First:

If you were lucky to get your favourite players uniform, well, then it is always better that you wash it and then dry it thoroughly. Before you store it in the archival box, you need to pay extra attention to whether the germs, dust and bacteria are washed off well or not otherwise it can cause a lot of trouble in future. In case there are any kinds of patches, you might want to remove them nicely so that the show of this uniform doesn’t fade off.

With the above tips, it is time that you focus on maintaining the cricket memorabilia that you have got because you were lucky to have one which others were still struggling to find.