Here Are the Benefits Of Engineered Timber Flooring

Home where the heart is and all a heart wants is a place to call home. Though many factors contribute to make a place a home, flooring is something often overlooked. Many of us focus on getting the right colour for walls, nice glass for windows and don’t hesitate to look for the best furniture out there. In this chaos the ground that supports us is the place we take for granted. We never prioritise flooring and end up regretting after experiencing discomfort. This can be conjured with engineered timber flooring that adds to the soul of the house along with value.

What is engineered timber flooring?

If you were to take a look at of some engineered timber options such as Maison Rustique Oak or Prestige Oak, you would almost certainly mistake such rich-looking flooring to be real hardwood. Looks are deceiving but the top is real wood while thin plywood layers are comprised underneath.

The top and bottoms layers are 100% natural wood in a variety of species. The middle is a plywood core comprising 5 to 7 layers crisscrossed in several directions and glued together.

Benefits of using Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered timber flooring offers numerous benefits that make it desirable for the masses. Here are a few advantages that will convince you to consider this flooring to be your ideal alternative.

Increased Installation Options

Engineered timber’s layered construction offers the stability for installation in unstable or inconsistent environments. Engineered timber can often be installed in places that would not be ideal for solid hardwood, e.g. over radiant heating systems (in most cases), basements, or concrete floors.

Ease of Installation

Flooring and installations are time-consuming and labour intensive. However, such is not the case with engineered timber flooring. As it is convenient to install and doesn’t take as much time as other hardwood flooring options.

More Affordable

Since these materials are not a 100% hardwood it is not as expensive as the authentic material. Hence, this becomes an affordable alternative for those on a budget. In addition, if you plan to add real timber in a few parts of the space while other material in the rest this will offer you a seamless transition. The finish of engineered flooring will offer you the look you desire without burning a hole in your pocket.

No Sub Floors Required

No plywood or sub floors required. Engineered flooring can be installed directly over concert without worrying about assembling plywood first. Another reason for hassle-free installations.

Versatile and Aesthetically Appealing

Though affordable and easy to install the look and finish is refined and offer pleasant aesthetics. Irrespective of the décor of your home these timber flooring will add to its charm.

Similar to the timber flooring used for thousands of years engineered flooring will give you the timeless look with a classic feel to it.

Impressive Stability

Engineered flooring is generally more stable due to its layered assembly. Due to the layers run upright to each other, expansion and contraction are less of a problem during winter that tend to be drier.

The enhanced stability also offers you the alternative to go with wider planks while still being cost effective.

Option for Refinishing

Generally, engineered timber can be buffed and refinished at least once — and sometimes several times — during the life of the floor. Ensure to know your floor’s specs to be confident.

Better for the Earth

Though timber products are appreciated for their sustainability, engineered timber products can take it up by a notch. Its top layers are also thinner, meaning they need less wood than solid timber. Essentially more boards from one tree, making better use of a limited resource at an affordable price.

Better for Your Health

Timber and wood products are known for their stress relieving properties and the same are offered by engineered timber flooring. It is best for both physical and mental health. These positive effects will add to the wealth of your wellness.


Consider engineered timber flooring for your plan during the renovation and enjoy the benefits that come with the affordable alternative. In addition, look for floor installers who specialise in handling timber flooring to ensure best results.