How Are Glass Fire Doors Different?

glass fire doors

Fire doors are a vital part of any fire safety plan. They help to stop the spread of fire and smoke, sealing off exits, access routes and stairwells, while creating a safe path for building occupants to escape from. It makes sense that you’d want your fire exits to be as clear and easy to see as possible. While fire door safety is paramount, it’s also important that people can see where the exit is, especially in a busy or crowded building such as a shopping centre or train station. That’s why many businesses choose glass fire doors and partitions.

What are glass fire doors?

Glass fire doors are still made of metal, but they feature large glass panels, allowing people to clearly see which way the exit leads. This makes them ideal for busy buildings where there may be lots of people evacuating at once. They allow people to find their way out quickly and easily, with no risk of anything being obscured by smoke.

Glass fire doors should never use regular glass though; they must be made from specialised fire-resistant glass that will withstand intense heat for several minutes before breaking down. 

Glass fire doors are a great choice for any home or business. These doors provide the protection of standard fire rated doors while still allowing a clear view from one room to the next. They are perfect for use in restaurants, bars, hotels, offices and many other places.

How Are They Made?

Fire-rated glass is made of a special material called “borosilicate” which has been used for more than 100 years to make laboratory glassware and Pyrex cookware. This material is able to withstand incredibly high temperatures without shattering or breaking. To be considered fire rated by code, the glass must be able to withstand temperatures above 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for at least an hour without breaking. The glass is also usually treated with an extra layer of ceramic coating to increase its resistance to heat and flames.

Glass Fire Doors Advantages:

  1. Glass fire doors with a fire-resistance rating are a special type of fireproof door with a clear glass panel. Their primary purpose is to allow light through to passageways, stairwells, lobbies and vestibules. However, they also offer additional advantages for your building and emergency evacuation plans.
  2. Glass fire doors provide an unobstructed view of emergency exits and pathways. This can be crucial during an emergency when smoke from the fire may obscure the way to the exit in your building or home. The clear glass lets people see through the door to find their way out safely.
  3. Normally, they are used as access points into rooms that may have some form of fire hazards such as kitchens, server rooms or any other room where there may be a risk of fire or explosion. They are also commonly used in communal areas such as lobbies, halls and stairways to help prevent the spread of smoke and flames in the event of a fire.
  4. Maintaining the environment within the corridor or lobby when the fire door is closed. This can help to reduce the amount of smoke spread through corridors, which will help people to escape easier if they need to use stairwells and lifts.
  5. Providing clear sightlines between rooms or floors. This can be particularly useful for office buildings, schools and hotels where it can help with security as well as give a better first impression when visitors arrive at your building.