How To Assess The Quality Of A Sofa Before Buying It?

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Quality check is necessary for any investment that you make for a long-term purpose. And sofas come in this category of investment too. Whenever you visit a sofa store in Sydney to buy one, you must be satisfied with its standards and features. Now you may ask that on what basis you will check that. So read through to find out how you can do a quality assessment of your new sofa before making a purchase. 

1. The Frame

The quality of the frame adds life to it. So, a high-quality sofa will always come with a sturdy frame. In the other case, you will find low-grade plywood with not many layers provided. It degrades the durability of the furniture, and it won’t last more than 2-3 years. You can check the frame through the perfection at joints, i.e., by looking if it is glued and screwed right or not. To get the best frame, avoid those made of plywood and go with kiln-dried hardwood of oak, maple, teak, etc. Make sure to choose a reliable sofa store in Sydney so that you don’t get tricked into buying the wrong piece. 

2. The Fillings

The type and amount of fillings in cushions determine the level of comfort you will feel while sitting on your sofa. Any sofa can have a different kind of fillers, for instance, the popular ones are foam, feathers, polyurethane, etc. Firstly, the quantity of these must be appropriate, otherwise, it will break quickly and create a sag. If you like it flabby and soft, then go with a feather or soft cotton fillers. Pads made up of Dacron Polyester fibre can also be used with spring. Springs wrapped in foam result in a soft surface with strong support inside. It will be a cheaper and durable option. 

3. The Suspension

For better comfort and high resilience, the suspension must be of good quality. The eight-way hand-tied spring system is intensive and the best quality in terms of a sofa. It is tied by hand, and it is the reason why it is expensive. The most common is the Sinuous spring, and you can find it in most of the sofa stores in Sydney. These springs with smaller turns are ideal than the long S-turn. It is cheaper than the eight-way hand-tied system and is durable. 

4. The Fabric

You can’t ignore the fabric part when it comes to the quality assessment of a sofa. Material like leather, cotton, linen is ideal for a sofa. They are favourable in every season if regular and proper maintenance is provided. Some sofa stores in Sydney will show you polyester fabric. You can say this is the best alternative for all the materials. It is durable, easy to maintain, and also less costly than other materials. One thing to notice is the stitches before buying the sofa. Make sure it is tight and straight. 


You can easily check the quality of a sofa by yourself if you understood the mentioned points. We believe choosing a reliable sofa store in Sydney is the first step towards buying a quality fixture. It makes sure that not only you but they will also lead you to the right thing based upon your budget and preferences.