How To Choose The Best Timber Floors In Kellyville For Your Property?

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When you are selecting Timber Floors In Kellyville, you can go with both engineered and solid floors. Usually, hardwood floors are available in thick planks made only from timber. These days, you still have these planks, but many companies are also offering engineered floors. In these planks, you have a thin top layer made from solid hardwood. They bond it to lower layers designed in such a way that the floor does not move because of contraction and expansion, which are usual cycles for wood. Experts say the wood moves in three major directions – tangential, longitudinal, and radial. In the engineered products, you get opposing forces that restrict such movement.   

Ideas on selecting the best timber floors:

Getting it from the best brand:

You must buy your timber floors in Kellyville from the best brands for such products in the region. In a country like Australia, this should not be as tough as you have so many options. This may make it a bit hard for you to make a choice. It is thus always better to play it safe and go with the most reputed brand in the local area for such a product. The biggest benefit of buying from such a brand is that you get the best service and quality. It is important to do some research in this context, though. 

Getting the finish right:

The timber floors in Kellyville are available in two major kinds of finishes – site finished and pre-finished. The companies who sell these products usually buy the hardwood planks with a raw face. The professionals who install the boards finish them after they complete the installation work. They may also finish it before they bring it to your property for installation. In a pre-finished product, they have already applied the topcoat and the stain. Experts say the major advantage of pre-finished wood is you know what you get. Many people these days also opt for site-finished products because it allows them to customize the floor.

Getting the colour right:

Your timber floors in Kellyville should always suit the general colour scheme of your property. It must add to the interior décor. So, you must decide on a colour family such as browns, whites, or greys. It should suit the furniture and the walls in every room where you install such flooring. Therefore, check out all the options you have in this context and determine which suits your needs the best. These days, grey is the most popular option. However, the all-time favourites are various natural colours.  

Selecting the right finishing product:

Your flooring contractors in Kellyville would tell you that these days you have a lot of finishing products to choose from. You have penetrating oil, polyurethanes that are finished at site, hybrids that are like oil, and UV-cured urethane finishes that are already finished. In layperson’s terms, we can classify all these into two major categories – polyurethane and oil. Oil would penetrate the wood and create a soft, natural, and matte look and feel. However, the advantage of polyurethane is its ability to stand up to damages and stains.