How To Find A Right Car Hoist For Sale

car hoist for sale

Fleets have many jobs, like managing vehicles and technicians and making sure that the right tools and shop equipment are in place so that cars can be fixed. A car hoist above ground lift is one of the most common and valuable shop equipment for a fleet. However, you should consider what features you need for your business before buying something.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a car hoist for sale.


How often do people ask you what the best two-post hoist is? When going to the market to look for a car hoist for sale, one of the most important things to consider is how much it can hold.

Overhead Or Baseplate Lift?

Which is better: an overhead lift or a lift with a baseplate? The only thing that seems different is that the baseplate version is more accessible for any auto shop to install. For an overhead lift, there should be at least 4-5 meters between the floor and the ceiling. Still, that is not everything. In other words, they are different in more ways.

Overhead Lift

Under the car, there is nothing in the way. The mechanic can quickly move a tool chest, a gearbox lift, or oil drainers under the car.

Baseplate Lift

This is a much more common choice. It lets you work with taller vehicles like commercial vans. Also, almost any auto shop in the world can use this lift.

A Reinforcing Frame

There is a frame on a 2-post hoist that makes it stronger. It helps the lift stay in place a little better. Also, there are fewer rules about the type of concrete and thickness of the floor for these lifts.

It’s much easier to set up framed 2-post hoists on-site. This is a massive benefit for people who rent shops from other people. You also do not have to look for places that already have floors.

Automatic Or Semi-Automatic?

Some versions are fully automatic, and versions are not. What is the difference? The way the locks work. In semi-automatic ones, the mechanic has to pull the trigger by hand to let them go when you press a button on the control panel. The ones that open themselves do so by themselves.

Which do you think your customers would like better? Automatic lifts are, without a doubt, much easier to use. Almost anyone could also use them. In addition, working with car hoist for sale that moves independently takes less time.

Workshop Dimensions

Remember that a two-post lift needs a certain amount of space around it. It will only work right if you do that. It is important to know this if you want to get a ride. The lift can be changed, but it is difficult and expensive.

Spare Parts

You should only buy 2 post hoists from companies that can give you all the parts and supplies you need for the lift. Remember that you will only have to look for replacement parts if it breaks down at your client’s site.