Keep Your Children, Pets and Pool Regions Safe with a Frameless Glass Fence

frameless glass fence

During hot summer days, swimming pools are the only respite that many homeowners have. A few dives into the cool waters can solve all the problems that hot summer days pose. However, sacrificing safety for relief is not advisable, especially if children are involved. Unfortunately, for many children across the country, fun swimming experiences in pools quickly turn into nightmares. Most of these swimming pool accidents are avoidable. Many parents simply didn’t consider investing in the installation of safety fences around their pools.

Importance of Pool Fencing

Swimming pools should be all about fun. The only way to make these regions of your home “fun only” zones is by setting up clear safety standards and rules. Swimming pool fences aren’t just mere décor items. The aesthetic value these fences provide is backed by serious safety and security features.

  • Many governments mandate swimming pool owners to create barricades around their pool areas to prevent freak accidents. The requirement for secure barricades or fences is even stronger when children frequent the swimming pools. 
  • Over 50% of drowning accidents in swimming pools occur due to the lack of proper barricades or fences around the pool area.
  • Wooden or steel fences offer parents limited visibility. In case children experience difficulties in the swimming pools, their parents aren’t able to take timely rescue measures. 

Children will always forget about pool safety instructions. It’s the duty of the property owners (or parents) to create pool areas that don’t pose serious accident risks. By installing a high-quality frameless glass fence, any parent can easily address these safety risks. 

What are Frameless Glass Fences?

Frameless glass fences are made of super-strong tempered glass. But, unlike traditional glass panes, frameless fences don’t have any visible joints. The series of tempered glass panels seem to seamlessly connect with each other giving the fence a classy and polished look. 

There are no metal sidings around the glass panels. Only the bottom regions of the fences feature steel hinges that attach the panels to the ground. Having frameless glass fences surround your swimming pool area will make your property look sleek, stylish, and futuristic. 

Why Choose Frameless Glass Fences?

Sure, the aesthetic appeal these fences provide is more than enough to convince any homeowner to install them in their pool areas. However, we’re focused on how these sophisticated fences can ensure the safety and security of children and pets in swimming pool regions. 

Parent-Friendly Fences

Parents can always visually monitor their children through these transparent fences. Whether there’s a kid’s party in the garden with numerous children jumping in and out of the pool or a child swimming alone at night – parents always get to see the people using the pool area through their glass panels. Any moment something dangerous happens, they can immediately rush to the spot. Fences made of opaque materials like wood or steel don’t offer such clear visibilities. 

Adjustable Height and Width

A high-quality frameless glass fence will be made of super-strong tempered glass. Despite being almost impossible to break, tempered glass is surprisingly modifiable. Manufacturers can cut and size these glass pieces as per client requirements. Typically, frameless glass fences are 1200 millimetres tall and 1900 millimetres wide.

But, parents can have their frameless glass pool fences customized to meet their children’s or pets’ requirements. Don’t worry – tempered glass is ten times harder to break than normal glass. So, irrespective of the shape/size of the glass panels, your children or pets won’t be able to cause any harm to your frameless glass fences. 

Unbelievable Swimming Experiences

Since glass fencing offers 100% visibility to users, anyone swimming inside the pool gets completely uninterrupted views of surrounding gardens or landscapes. This luxury feature is the reason why these fences are so popular in highly luxurious neighbourhoods. Why allow opaque fencing to obscure the beautiful exterior views of your home? Relaxing inside such classy pool areas is an amazing experience that all children deserve to have. 

These Fences Meet Australian Safety Standards

The best frameless glass fencing manufacturers have their products tested as per Australian safety and security standards. They pass various quality standards tests before hitting the market. As long as homeowners purchase their high-quality frameless glass panels from verified sellers, they’ll be able to create safe swimming pool regions on their properties easily.