Know The Five Types Of Warehouse Storage Systems

If you’re looking to invest in warehousing, you can’t go wrong. However, there are some basic decisions that you need to make sure of right from the start. Among them are the types of warehouse storage you want to install.

Warehouse storage is a system in your warehouse where you store products. Choosing the best storage for you will depend on the type of inventory you want to focus on, available space, and your budget, among other factors. This article will discuss some of the most popular warehouse storage systems, their design, features, and applications.

Static shelving

Static shelving is designed for lightweight products. They are stationary, and the products stored in them are usually manually picked. They do not support forklifts. Once these shelves are placed in a specific location in the warehouse, they cannot be adjusted. Therefore, it is essential to consider what you want before you install static shelving critically. In most cases, these types of warehouse storage shelves are usually used for short-term stored products and are replaced. But they are space-friendly because many of these shelves can be located close to each other in a warehouse.

Pallet storage system

Pallet racking is commonly used to store products that come in boxes. They can deal with heavy objects and are like-minded with forklifts. They can also be automated. The storage system is made of pallets which can be metal, plastic, or wood. They come with different maximum weight capacities, and sticking to the weight limit is very important. Pallets can be designed to run the full height of the warehouse, stacked on top of each other. With this arrangement, they can maintain a giant quantity of stock in a small space. Therefore, it is the most popular among warehouse storage systems.

Multi-tier racking

A multi-tier storage system uses several decks stacked on top of each other in a vertical column that runs from floor to ceiling. They are generally used for lightweight inventories and are organized manually. This warehouse storage system is ideal for small unit sizes and lightweight large stock inventory. For a completely safe space, you can pack the product as densely as possible in layers.

Mobile shelving

Mobile shelving is built on systems that can move. They are usually kept on rails or cars. Apart from mobility, mobile shelving and static shelving are similar in their other features. Inventories stored in mobile shelving are usually manually sorted and replaced continuously. However, mobile shelving can store more inventory than static shelving in the same space. So they are great for saving space, and if you have a large warehouse, it will be easy to implement mobile shaving and another warehouse storage system together.

Which warehouse storage system is best for you will depend on the type of inventory you want to focus on, available space, and your budget. However, it is feasible to mix distinctive warehouse storage systems. It is additionally feasible to set up bendy systems. However, most general warehouse storage is great, and whichever option you go for must serve the intended purpose.