Prefinished Engineered Timber Flooring -A Flooring Option For All Homeowners

When choosing a flooring option for your home, consider the many advantages and benefits, such as no screws or glue required. Prefinished engineered timber flooring is available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and the flooring will last for years, so this is a flooring option worth considering.

7 different benefits of Prefinished engineered timber flooring

• Environmentally safe

Environment friendliness is one of the most significant advantages of choosing prefinished engineered timber over solid hardwood. The environmental impact of an engineered wood board is considerably less because only the top layer is made from a resource-intensive hardwood. 

• Arrives Prefinished

The engineered wood flooring is prefinished compared to regular hardwood flooring is a considerable advantage. Solid hardwood floors installed in a home are d with a protective coating for withstanding daily use. Sadly, the coating releases VOC while applying the coating, making the home environment unsafe. On the other hand, Prefinished engineered timber flooring can be installed without additional modifications, significantly reducing the amount of VOCs released into the air in your home.

• Aids in reducing waste.

As is widely known, engineered timber floorboards use the entire tree, not just selected pieces, to create them. This arrangement significantly lowers production-related waste, enabling you to obtain more value for your money while supporting the environment.

• Wide range of Design availability.

Prefinished engineered timber floorings are available in every design that traditional solid wood offers since they include a hardwood top layer. This is advantageous for individuals who want to match their current solid hardwood flooring.

• Easy and quick insertion.

Prefinished engineered timber flooring shines during installation compared to its conventional solid hardwood. Solid hardwood floor installation involves specialised equipment and techniques and might take up to six weeks to finish. On the other hand, Prefinished engineered timber floorings can be installed the same way as any other floating floor, allowing for a quick installation process without needing specialised knowledge.

• Simple to Repair

If any cracks occur, repairs are done by removing the damaged board instead of replacing the entire floor, as the new flooring comes in prefinished boards and is installed the same way as any other floating floor.

• Option for Highly Stable Flooring

Combating the stability concerns that solid hardwood floors have was one of the primary motivations for the creation of engineered timber flooring. Wood naturally changes shape and consistency when moisture is present, and it doesn’t like significant temperature changes in its native environment. Natural wood poses a severe problem if you use it as flooring in your home. Fortunately, these issues have been resolved for Prefinished engineered timber floorings, allowing you to install them confidently in your home. 

•Compatible with Under-Floor Heating

Prefinished Engineered timber flooring also has the significant advantage of being compatible with under-floor heating. This is of great advantage. Timed flooring is a safe bet to create a great atmosphere or keep your feet comfy.

• A Timeless beauty

The durability of Prefinished engineered timber flooring is one the most pivotal point. Since people first began to construct homes, wood has been a popular material for floors; As it is derived naturally, this trend won’t go away anytime soon.