Sigma Tile Cutter Sydney Tools-A Complete Guide

Sigma tile cutter

Sigma tile cutters Sydney tools are known to be very reputed for being extremely fast, precise as well as sharp. In this article, we will discuss everything about tile cutters, their different types, and much more. 

What is a Tile Cutter?

A tile cutter is a tool used to cut ceramic and porcelain tiles into the required size, shape, or style. The tile installers use these tile cutters. Below there is a list of some basic components of Tile Cutter-

  • Base
  • Handle 
  • Carriage
  • Slide Rails
  • Support Wings
  • Guide/Ruler
  • Stop
  • Breaker
  • Scoring Wheel

What Are The Uses of Tile Cutter?

  • The primary use of the sigma tile cutter is to cut numerous fragile materials such as ceramic and porcelain carefully.
  • Tile cutter helps in making the cutting process of tile easy without risking the shattering of the same.
  • Tile cutters are available in a wide variety but are basically of two types- Manual tile cutter or the powered variant.
  • A tile trimmer is taken into use when one needs to cut tiles that are lying on the floor or the wall tiles of your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen.

What Makes a Tile Cutter a Good One?

Numerous factors are used to categorize a good tile cutter from others. Some of the factors to distinguish a good sigma tile cutter Sydney tools are given below:

  1. The support wings of the tile cutter should be of the best quality
  2. Ball bearing in the carriage always upgrades the quality
  3. The compact size of the tile cutter makes it easy for one to carry it from one place to the other
  4. There are tile cutters with the facility of cutting any tile at an angle.
  5. Good sight lines on the cutting wheel, and the number of sturdy rails, are some other characteristics.

Types of Tile Cutter

Let us discuss some other variants of tile cutters that are used for different purposes-

  1. Tile Scribe 
  • Tile scribed is a small and easy-to-use tile cutter that is taken in use to cut simple straight lines in tiles
  • It consists of a hard tip that is very sharp and is responsible for the smooth cutting of the tile. 
  1. Manual Tile Cutter
  • These tile cutters are taken is used to cut the tiles manually. 
  • The functioning of a manual cutter is very easy as it does not require any electricity. 
  • For using the Manual Tile Cutter one needs to put the tile in the tile cutter and it’s done.
  1. Glass Tile Cutter
  • The Glass Tile Cutter is much similar to that of the tile scribe.
  • You can make a line on the tile where the tile is to be cut. It is very easy to use and carry. 

The Final Words

The sigma tile cutter Sydney tools are very useful and are known for their extreme sharpness. A tip for using a tile cutter perfectly is keeping the rails of the cutter clean and using silicon spray to lubricate it.