Some Types Of Australian Hardwood Species

The best flooring is all we need to keep the space looking amazingly beautiful. And when it comes to elegance, flooring works best with it. There comes a variety of flooring options that are useful for some or the other space. But, what we see is the flooring that could cover the whole space, leaving it to be incredibly beautiful and functional too.

Australian timber flooring can be installed in the whole area whether it is commercial or residential. The properties of the timer cannot be matched by any other floor in the world. The naturalness and the spectacular look are always astonishing to the viewer’s eyes in all ways. Timber is a natural material but now, with technology and human involvement, there comes engineered timber too.


  • Australian Beech

This is also known as Myrtle beech or Tasmanian Myrtle, it grows in eastern Victoria and Tasmania.

  • Blackbutt

Blackbutt is one of the most important hardwoods in the country. It makes the best Australian timber flooring because of its high quality and ease of regeneration. It grows relatively quick than other woods which is why it is very frequent in demand.

  • Brushbox

This wood can be found all over eastern Australia as a city tree. But it grows naturally in coastal Queensland and the northeastern reaches of south wales. The tree is often referred to as a pink box, Brisbane box, box scrub etc.

  • Forest Reds

As the name shows, this Australian timber flooring is naturally reddish as they are not sourced from the trees but from the red river gums tree. This is known for its highly durable property and lush red colour.

  • Grey Ironbark

Another common floor in eastern new south wales is because of its usual growth. The trunk of the tree is a dark grey which makes them unique and everlasting Australian timber flooring. The height of the tree ranges from 20 to 30 meters which makes the best planks for all the spaces.

  • Jarrah

This is practically found almost everywhere in southwestern Australia. The reddish brown colour gives it a unique appearance and sleek look. The height of the tree is around 40 meters which makes the long and the perfect plank for the timber flooring.

  • Messmate

There are so many names that messmate is known as, Tasmanian oak, stringybark, brown top and Australian oak. The trees are capable of growing to the height of 90 meters with a diameter of 3 meters the light brown colours with the natural texture make this floor beautiful in all aspects.

  • Red Ironbark

It is said to be the cousin of grey ironbark. It is very tough and resilient which makes it a proper fit for a heavy foot traffic environment. No shades are similar to the planks of timber because of their natural shades and colours.

  • Stringybark

The trees of stringybark are often found in northern territory. This makes it one of the best Australian timber floorings because of its properties. It can be described as rough, tessellated well and stringy.

  • Turpentine

Turpentine is a pinkish-coloured hardwood that looks different from all the other woods. It is native to New South Wales and Greenland. The name comes from the smell of turpentine that evolves after the leaves are shed.


With a different variety of hardwood species, different timber flooring evolves. All the Australian timber flooring is rich in appearance and is durable too. With low-maintenance, different shades and cost-effective properties, there is no saying any to the timber floorings.