The Benefits Of Using A Combi Oven To Cook

With the ability to manage both the temperature and humidity, combi steamer ovens enable more precise cooking. Lower temperatures can be used to cook food more effectively while keeping flavour and minerals. Less product shrinkage is also possible at lower temperatures, which can reduce food costs. The Combi oven, also known as a combination oven, is a relatively new invention. The combi oven commercial has acquired appeal in both small and major hospitals, hotels, and restaurants with high traffic. 

What Does a Combi Oven Do?

Chefs can cook food with high heat and effective moisture control using combi ovens. You can cook at high heat and 100% relative humidity without burning food or overly drying out the ingredients. The real advantage of a combi oven is how it regulates the humidity in its chamber, preserving the precise environment and minimising shrinkage and weight loss. 

Here are some benefits of using a combi oven for cooking:

They are easy to use

Combination ovens are made to be simple to operate, and in the current labour shortage and high turnover rate climate, food service that is simple to use is in high demand. Even more, user-friendly combi ovens have pre-programming options depending on certain menu items. Sometimes you may want to bake a platter of delicate pastries like pate a choux or tarts. If you possess one of these, you can simply place them in the oven, activate a button, and let the combi do the job.


The ability of a person or piece of food service equipment to do many tasks is unmatched. A combi oven offers that kind of adaptability. Combi ovens enable operators to cook, steam, roast, smoke, braise, bake, and re-therm. Thanks to precise temperature and humidity control. The combi oven commercial is used by many of today’s best chefs worldwide. 

Combi saves space

Space-constrained operations are done with ease with combi ovens. Each has a compact footprint and offers flexibility in cooking methods, which frees up even more room by removing the need for duplicate equipment. Combi features hood-free combi oven technology, which is even superior and lessens the need for ventilation.

Combi ovens increase yield.

When prepared in ordinary ovens, the pricey proteins and components found in the centre of the dish frequently lose water weight and yield. A combi oven can alter this by adding moisture to the cooking process. By increasing meat yield rates, the combi oven commercial will help a business make more money.

Promotes healthy cooking

You could have ordered meals from a restaurant only to discover that it was so parched that water was required to force it down. When you employ a combi oven, your clients won’t go through that. It is equipped with a potent steam generator that can handle the demanding needs of a commercial kitchen. In fact, because combi ovens make it simple to make healthful dishes, chefs prefer them. 

By preserving food’s nutritional value, flavours, and textures, steaming encourages healthful cooking. The two-step door latch keeps steam from escaping, locking in flavours and cutting down on cooking time.

Final thoughts

The combi oven commercial is an essential part of any commercial kitchen and can be used for a wide range of cooking tasks. It reduces labour costs, shortens cooking times, and enhances food quality. The meal will be juicy and flavorful with increased nutrient retention thanks to the wet air within the oven.