The best kitchen tiles that are trending in the present market

Everyone desires to be trendy these days, and at this time, the trend is not only limited to fashion. It applies to kitchens too. So are you still cooking in the same dingy and boring kitchen? If yes, it is time to renovate your kitchen and make it trendy too.

Here is the list of the modern kitchen tiles that are ruling the market right now:

Big sized tiles:

In the present times, modern kitchens are relying on oversized tiles. It is because these big sized tiles come with several astounding features. These modern kitchen tiles offer space to the kitchens, making kitchens look voluminous. Oversized tiles also have fewer gaps. It does not allow dust and germs to settle in these gaps, thus making these tiles hygienic.

Tiles in bold colouring:

Colours always remain in trend, and in the present market, they have returned with the vibes of retro fashion. The bold coloured modern kitchen tiles give a very energetic look to the kitchen. The colours instantly grab the attention of the visitors and boost their mood. 

Not just this, bold coloured kitchen modern kitchen tiles encourage cooking and family time in the cooking place because bright colours lighten the mood and make people happy. Besides all this, bold colours reduce tension and create a calming space. In this way, modern kitchen tiles are not only offering looks but peace and happiness too.

Glossy tiles:

The modern trend is inspired by glamour, and no other tile can fulfil this inspiration except the glossy tiles. These modern kitchen tiles look bewitching and give a shiny finish to the whole kitchen. 

Their benefit is not only limited to the shine, but it provides several advantages too. These glossy tiles are perfect for a modern kitchen because they are easy to clean. Thus, it always keeps your kitchen like new. These tiles are a great option for the kitchen walls. However, if you are considering them for kitchen floors, apply a slip-resistant coat on these tiles. These modern kitchen tiles are slippery, and people may slip in the kitchen if a protective layer is not present.

Stone Cold tiles:

Modern kitchen trend believes in both quality and looks. Inspired by these two, the stone-cold tiles are the modern kitchen tiles trending in the present market. These stones are printed and given the appearance of precious stones like marble. The stone-cold tiles are durable and have good heat retention. These modern kitchen tiles keep the kitchen cold in summers and hot in winters, thus providing a cosy comfort in the kitchen. These tiles are better than the precious imitated stones because they are cheap, require less maintenance and are non-porous.

While selecting the modern kitchen tiles, do not forget to consider the type of tiles present in the other areas of your apartment. If you choose a very different tile for your kitchen, it gives an alien look to it. So, avoid going for a very bizarre kitchen tile.