The Wholesale Market for iPhone repair parts in USA

The iPhone is one of the best gadgets that is preferred by most of the population. However, the price tends to be expensive as and when we would like to upgrade to the newer model which could burn our pockets sometimes.

The iPhone is one of the best gadgets that is preferred by most of the population. However, the price tends to be expensive as and when we would like to upgrade to the newer model which could burn our pockets sometimes. However, the smartest way to get what you really desire is to buy the parts that you want to get together to form your chosen iPhone is to buy it in the wholesale market.

It is very affordable and does not compromise on quality. However, you must put in a little effort into researching the best resellers in your country. This is also the best way to earn some extra money by buying the parts in bulk from the wholesale market in the US and resell them at the market price.

There are thousands of repair shops in the US market, and this has seen an increase in demand as there are a majority of the people who prefer iPhone and opt-in for part replacement or repairs. Although the majority of the repair part is easily available, there are few that is restricted by the Apple Brand to be done in the local market. The reason for this is for quality and security purposes. There are certain things that can only be repaired by the brand, such as the lock or the touch button. This is mainly because of its strict repair policy.

Few of the parts that are regularly bought are:

  • LCD Screens
  • Tempered glass screen protector
  • Camera – Front
  • Camera – Rare
  • Home Buttons
  • Flex Cables
  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Speakers

In the recent study it shows that these parts are mainly bought for the below models:

  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6

While choosing to buy the parts from the market, it is important to do some homework as most of them sell counterfeit and you could never realise that until the damage is done. Here, we have put up a few names of the suppliers who, based on the multiple reviews, is considered the best in the wholesale US Market. They are:

  1. Revamp Wholesale
  2. Phone LCD Parts
  3. Chinabrands
  4. Mobile Sentrix
  5. Injured Gadgets
  6. All Fix Part

You can go ahead and read down about every wholesaler listed above, or you can skip to the part where you just require a little more information about that one supplier. Below are a few more details provided against each:

  1. Revamp Wholesale:

ReVamp provides the best choice of products in various ranges. They take pride in offering shipping deals that are pocket friendly, and they have provided a facility to their customers to track their orders as soon as the order is placed on the website.

  • Phone LCD Parts:

They are one among the leading suppliers of parts and accessories in the US. They mainly cater to North America, and they focus on providing the best quality products and the services to the end-users. Their supply chain management is one of the notable ones in the country. They also ensure refund for any manufacturing defects in the products.

  • Chinabrands:

Chinabrands are globally known wholesalers from China. They are established in more than 100 countries in the world. They are known for providing the best quality of products at a cheaper rate. In case you are on a tight budget, they are the people for you. They cover products of all price range.

  • Mobile Sentrix

Mobile Sentrix has been in the market for a longer period and has established a name for their self by providing top quality products in the market. They also ensure lifetime warranty for most of the parts or accessories bought from them. They provide shipping facilities on the same day for anywhere within the country.

  • Injured Gadgets:

Injured Gadgets are one of the premium wholesalers in the country, mainly catering to the North America regions. They have the largest inventory amongst the lot and have prices as per the market standards. They are also known for their customer service.

  • All Fix Part

Allfix parts are one of the leading wholesale distributors who has been in the market for the last 10 years. They have high-quality LCD Screens for iPhone, which is affordable. They are notable for the discounts that they provide and their customer services. They also have an easy to use website and sample ordering process in place.

Few of the other wholesalers in the US market are Phone Parts the USA, I- Parts- 4u Ltd, Mobile Defenders, FHR Spare Parts, Phone Parts USA, Mengtor, Parts 4 Cells Wholesale gadgets Parts and Repair Part USA.

Researching the vendor before making the purchase is important so as to get the best quality products that you desire.