Things You Should Know Before Having A Detox Tea

Detox tea Singapore

Toxins cause an adverse effect in the body through their accumulation over time. Detoxifying tea is enriched with ingredients that cleanse the body. The increased popularity of the tea has increased its consumption by many folds. However, do not be fooled with weight-loss claims and waist trimming by simply gulping the tea. 

Detox tea Singapore is rich in phytonutrients. It is known to improve metabolism and burn fat. With the cleansing effect, it is considered as a liver cleanser by clearing out the toxins. The tea keeps off free radicals with its antioxidants. However, it does have some negative impacts. 

The Disadvantages of Drinking Detox Tea

Detox tea has side effects that barely anyone discusses. It is diuretic in nature and hence triggers loss of water weight due to the presence of caffeine. The tea helps in better metabolism and waste elimination due to the laxative effect. However, it has some side effects people should know. 

Natural cannot mean Safe

Detox tea Singapore is known to contain many natural ingredients but also caffeine. The caffeine in the tea can induce a lot of issues. However, it cleanses out the toxins but does not guarantee to be 100% safe. 

It can Interfere with Medication

The Detox tea contents may interfere with existing medications. The natural herbs used in tea may reduce the efficacy of the medicines. As the tea cleanses and eliminates toxins, it might prevent the medicine from being absorbed and expelled faster. 

Blood Thinning

Detox tea Singapore is even known to cause blood thinning. It is rich in flavonoids and hence increases artery dilation. Blood-thinning helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. However, excess blood thinning can lead to headaches and the risk of bleeding. Too much green tea can lead to related issues. 

You may Suffer from a Digestive Issue

Detox tea tends to cause some digestive issues. As it has a laxative effect, it might cause excess and faster waste from WI before it is broken down. 

However, due to laxatives, Detox tea in Singapore causes issues like diarrhea and stomach bloating. It may even lead to fluid loss and trigger severe dehydration. 

You Probably won’t Lose Weight 

It does not help in burning but triggers the loss of water weight. Caffeine has a diuretic property that increases urination and loss of water weight. It makes you feel lighter due to losing water. 

It helps in flattening the stomach due to its laxative effect and hence release of waste through GI. Exercise and good eating habits are equally essential with Detox tea. 

Increase Sleep Problem

Detox tea Singapore is known to impact the sleep cycle. The caffeine in the tea induces an energy boost. It activates the body and system and hence interferes with sleep. It is recommended to avoid its consumption before going to bed. Although detox tea provides a lot of benefits, it also has some drawbacks. There is limited research and data on the overall benefits of the tea. Most of the data claim the benefits, but concrete research data is generally missing.