Types And Benefits Of Smoke Curtains

Smoke curtain Sydney

Yes, you heard it right! Smoke curtains are the same as fire curtains which provide essential compartmentation, containment and channelling from the effects of a fire. Smoke curtains are usually installed in industrial and commercial areas to ensure full protection from fire. It helps in controlling and reducing the fire from spreading throughout the building.

For the safety of you and your close ones, smoke curtains in Sydney are a must be installed because they are for your safety and comfort. They have a SHEVS system in them which helps create a smoke-free layer on the floor by removing smoke and heat for a safe escape during the time of the fire.

There are different types of smoke curtains available with a lot of installation benefits that you can consider for safety purposes.

Types Of Smoke Curtains

Vertical Smoke Curtain

A vertical smoke curtain in Sydney is a device that controls the smoke movement during a fire. It redirects the smoke towards the mechanical or natural ventilation points. They are located within the ceiling and are deployed downwards to prevent smoke from spreading.

Elevator Smoke Curtain

These are primarily used for small spaces like lift shafts etc to protect them from catching fire. It helps in blocking the smoke from entering the elevator which causes air to be pulled upwards through the roof of the building. 

Draft Curtain

It is the type of static curtain that is often installed in warehouses or manufacturing environments. The expansive place has open facilities with high ceilings and should consider having a draft smoke curtain in Sydney. It should be placed near exhaust vents to slow down the travel of smoke and push it outwards through vents.

Perimeter Curtains

This is an ideal solution for open staircases or escalators. They are much more similar to vertical curtains, the only difference is that they don’t block one entryway and form an independent perimeter that requires no walls or corners.

Benefits Of Installing Smoke Curtains


Smoke curtains in Sydney are made in such a way that they are hidden until they are needed as all the components are embedded in the ceilings and walls. The advanced designs enable designers to create vast open spaces without the restriction of standard smoke safety solution

Safe From Damage

Because smoke curtains are transparent, no one can damage them in any way possible. As they will not be visible till needed, there is no tension of damage to its functionality too.

Easy Installation

It is easy to install, just ask the experts and boom! You are safe.


Technology has been the greatest advantage for the safety and comfort of human beings. Things like smoke curtains play as a plus point with the safety. With easy installation and perfect hidden designs, smoke curtains in Sydney must be installed in all the commercial and industrial spaces where much safety is needed.