Types Of Home Gym Equipment

home gym equipment

It is very essential to live a healthy life. You must make a special time for yourself to exercise and get relief from various diseases like obesity, heart attacks, etc. Home exercise can sometimes lead to positive and permanent practice which eventually leads to an overall healthier lifestyle. To save your time and money from your hectic lifestyle, you can invest in exercising at home. It’s not necessary to get an expensive gym membership to work out, so if you can afford it, a home gym is your best option. For this Home gym equipment is a must to set up your own space for work out. There are  various home gym equipment available to accomplish your workout goals.


The treadmill is the equipment that is used for walking, running, or gliding while hanging at the same place. It is mostly used for home and gym purposes. Few people have this equipment to exercise at home. It not only saves a lot of time but also provides a strong physique.

Stationary Bicycle

A stationary bicycle is also called an exercise bicycle or exercise bike. It is a home gym equipment which is used to exercise for indoor cycling. The device includes a pedal, saddle, and some forms of handlebars as well. This device is ideal for exercising for weight loss.

Indoor Rower 

An indoor rower is a device used to replicate the action of watercraft rowing. It is also known as ergometers as it measures the amount of work achieved by the rower. Rowing is a full-body workout with the use of 86% of muscles. It targets major muscles like the upper back, pecs, arms, abdominal muscles, and obliques.

Resistance Band

It is also one of the types of home gym equipment. The resistance band is an elastic band that is utilised for power strength training. These equipment are also commonly used in physical therapy, specifically muscular injuries, including cardiac patients. These bands are colour-coded as per the tension level i.e. light, medium, heavy, very heavy.

Foam Roller

The foam roller is one of the home gym equipment and is quite lightweight. It is made of a compressed foam which is cylindrical. It can be used for various reasons like increasing stretchiness, decreasing soreness and removing muscle lumps. These kinds of rollers come in various shapes, sizes, and degrees of firmness.  

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are one of the most popular kinds of home gym equipment that is used worldwide. It is made of a fabricated mat that helps to prevent hands and feet from slipping while performing yoga asanas. It helps you to avoid injuries, helps with correct postures, boosts mental fitness, improves mobility, corrects ligaments, and joints. 

Exercise Ball

The exercise ball is also called a yoga ball. It is designed using a soft elastic and is filled with air. It is ideally used for any physical therapies, exercise. This home gym equipment benefits back pain patients. It can be used for a variety of purposes like neutral spine positioning, proper posture, abdominal and muscle strength, etc.
So, are you ready to experience these home gym types of equipment? If yes, just pick a perfect place, arrange some music and let your muscles do the talking.