What Are Stick-Down Loop Detectors And How Does It Work?

stick down loop detectors

Stick Down Loop Detectors is made up of electromagnetic loops available in-built and in a sealed and protective membrane. This is laid down on pavement or on road to track the vehicles which are progressing towards it. It is firm adhesive in nature and so the Stick down Loop detectors can be used in the thin pavement without the need for saw cutting. The surface as a result is smooth with no crashes. 

  • It has all positive link attached to it because it does not disturb the traffic and allow them to pass over them within a short span of time.
  • They are made up of stick-down products with peel and stick-down backing for which they never harm the soil and the integrity of the pavement.
  • The installation process is simple. The numbers and placing of the wires can be seen at the ridges and this visibility makes the on-site inspection make convenient. 
  • These are condensed from the beginning; the wires do not get exposed to the gutter which confirms additional protection from more damage.
  • Stick-down Loop Detectors are eco-friendly.


The Cost of the Stick down loop detector is very not as economical as loop detectors. Due to its low price this loop detector is used as an effective sensor. The application of Stick down Loop detectors is for Asphalt and Concrete installation. For high sensitivity and for using it for large areas such stick down loop detectors are used. 


Stick down loop Detectors Sydney are mainly made up of copper wire placed under the road or pavement to sense the movement of vehicles. This basically works as a sensor. 

  • It forms a magnetic field within the coil that resembles a metal stick
  • The vehicle metal disrupts the magnetic field of the electromagnet that triggers the sensor of the stick.
  • Stick down loop Detectors Sydney has various uses and is mainly used for commercial uses like parks, industrial gates, mansions, traffic signals where there is a heavy volume of vehicles. It is not used much where there is a low volume of vehicles.
  • This also helps in controlling the traffic. 
  • It is one of the most ingenious inventions in traffic technology and it works efficiently to handle medium to heavy traffic.

The key features of the traffic control mechanism done with the help of Stick Down Loop Detector Sydney: 

  • With the help of Stick Down Loop Detector, the timing and duration of traffic lights are controlled.
  • Vehicles that are stopping at red lights or at parking booths are detected with the help of a Stick Down Loop detector.
  • It also enables to detect the congested traffic at specific signals.
  • It also helps in making data or reports about all the traffic movement happening in a day or in a month.