What Are The Benefits Of Using Shower Mixer Taps

shower mixer taps

A shower mixer tap collects water from both the hot and cold sources and combine the flows before dispensing through a single spout. The most traditional method involves keeping a distinct flow by using separate hot and cold pillar taps. We’ve listed the benefits of using a bathroom mixer tap here because they are obvious.

Time and energy are saved.

Time savings is one of the key advantages of shower mixer taps. When utilising a conventional showerhead, you must wait for the water to start flowing before applying soap. On the other hand, when you switch on a shower mixer tap, the water starts flowing right away. You can save up to 30 minutes daily by doing this.


With mixer taps, a bath and a sink or basin in the bathroom can both be utilised. You could even mix and match if the basin had independent hot and cold taps and the bath had a mixer tap.

Mixer taps can be made even more versatile by adding a shower mixer, which allows you to alternate between the flow from the taps and a shower attachment. This can be used to create a shower bath when there isn’t enough room for a separate bath and shower enclosure. It can be hung or used as a hand-held showerhead.

Offer High-Quality Water

Because they deliver excellent water quality, shower mixer taps are popular for several reasons. The openings in a typical shower head can become clogged with dirt and grime, which can then rain down onto your skin. A shower mixer tap, on the other hand, directs all of the water into the drain, eliminating any possibility of debris being caught in it.

Give you more control over how you use the shower

One of the many amazing benefits of shower mixer taps is that you have more control over your bathing experience. You must wait for the water to start flowing before using soap with a conventional shower head. But with a shower mixer tap, all you have to do is turn it on and scrub away!


Running a bath is a great time to use a mixing tap. If you operate two distinct taps at the same time, the hot tap might fully open. Getting the proper mixture could be challenging, and you might need to constantly check and stand. Without having to stand up and check every so often, you can select your ideal bath temperature and let the water fill.

Excellent Design for Any Bathroom

These taps will blend in and offer a sense of contemporary to any bathroom, regardless of how new or old it is. You won’t have to worry about anyone mistaking these for anything else because they look fantastic!


Shower mixer taps are a fantastic idea for your bathroom for a variety of excellent reasons. They not only offer better water quality, but they also have a beautiful appearance and give you more control over your showering experience.