What Does Your Jewellery Style Say About You?

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Personality combines one’s particular way of feeling, thinking, and behaviours. What does your jewellery state about you? You might have slipped upon this question at some moment in your life. Does your jewellery order you in a specific form and describe your personality? It does, just like your manner of speaking, dressing sense, and other preferences. There are many other types of custom gold chains in Auburn, and each style is designed to fulfil the necessities and desires of a different personality type. Everyone lives in a world of persistent and snappy judgements. A glimpse at someone and countless images pop up in your mind, placing everyone you meet in a distinct category, and jewellery styles undeniably help in the process. Here are a few things to note down what does your jewellery style say about you:


A simple gold band around the finger, pearls around the neck, or a pair of studs, if varieties such as these are your first preference for jewellery, you undoubtedly fall in the class of elegant traditionalists. Such people can always go right with their jewellery selections. Such people are tranquil, observant, confident, cozy in their skin, and aware that looks lie in simplicity. If you love gold, you can browse through custom gold chains at auburn for more varieties.

Fun loving:

If you cherish elegant rings, big earrings, customized designs, thick necklaces and statement jewellery, you are a fun-loving person. You have a lot of buddies and acquaintances, and you value keeping in touch with all of them. You are that person encircled by sets of people at a party bringing all the social buzz. You are social, active, and generous, so people are attracted to you like metal filings to a magnet!

Antique and vintage:

Such people have a powerful sense of personality and don’t wear their pendants just for aesthetical purposes. The history overwhelms them, the remarkable story that comes with each piece. Such personality type is lured towards heritage, cultures, history, and customs. They are exciting and individualistic, with a unique taste for things, and just like their personality, their jewellery is as different as they are.

The professionals:

With a set of pearl jewellery, a gold ring with a matching chain and earrings, or a watch with matching metals for the bracelet, such individuals are calm, coordinated, reliable, and have a very professional atmosphere. Everything you wear is selected with significant consideration and concentration on detail. You will never compromise for the second best. It applies to everything in your life, friends, jobs, lovers, clothing, cars, and jewellery. You are living your life to the top, but you will never prefer quantity over quality. Others usually look to you for guidance and advice. When you fix high goals for yourself, you hope nothing less from the people you give your faith and feelings. When you buy custom gold chains in auburn, you always ensure it will be the exact piece you have your heart set on, and you will not compromise for anything less. 

Final thoughts:

So, with these jewellery varieties, you can determine what your style tells you and what your jewellery personality is. You may fall into one or a couple more categories of your jewellery type. No matter your style, custom gold chains at auburn has covered you with numerous options of gold style jewellery.