What Makes Nursing Bras Different from Other Bras

Feeding Bras

During pregnancy, women undergo various changes in their bodies. As the body changes to prepare for the baby, the innerwear, such as bra size, also changes. As the fetus grows, the breast size increases, and it can go up to 2 to 4 cup sizes.

By the time the baby arrives, the regular bras you use become tight and uncomfortable; this perpetuates the need for buying nursing or feeding bras online or in clothes stores. Nursing or feeding bras refer to bras that one buys when the baby is born. These bras have unique features that make it easier for nursing mothers to breastfeed their babies.

Differentiating Features Found in Nursing Bras

The main objective for bras is to offer maximum support to the breast and hold them in position. But, nursing bras, as the name suggests, are specifically for breastfeeding mothers. Therefore, nursing bras are entirely different from other bras due to the following features.

1. They have detachable bra cups and flaps; This allows the mother to easily access the breast when feeding the baby without removing the entire bra.
2. Full breast coverage. During the breastfeeding period, the mother’s breasts are more prominent and fuller; hence the feeding bras are designed to cover the breast entirely.
3. Nursing bras are mainly made of spandex and cotton mixture to give maximum comfort to the nursing mother.
4. Absence of underwire. Unlike other bras, nursing bras are plain and free from any decoration that can hurt the breast or the baby.
5. Strong fibre. Since the breasts are heavier and oversized, strong material is vital to give optimum support.
6. Leak-proof cups. When the breasts are complex, they become tender hence leaking some milk which may be embarrassing to the mother. Nursing bras are leak-proof cups that prevent staining the clothes.
7. Three hooks and eyelets. They offer maximum support and prevent the bra from unhooking itself.
8. Thick bottom band and straps. They offer maximum support.

Tips When Buying Feeding Bras

The following tips are necessary when buying feeding bras online.

a. Always look for bras with a larger cup size than your usual wear. To ensure you buy the correct size, take measurements if possible.
b. Find bras with adjustable straps.
c. Choose nursing bras with a cotton mix for comfort.
d. The nursing bras should be detachable by use of one hand.
e. For more effortless adjustment, Look for nursing bras with three and above hooks and eyes.
f. Avoid bras with ornament decoration.

In conclusion, nursing bras are different from the rest since they are designed specifically for nursing mothers. These bras are very significant to breastfeeding mothers, especially when they are travelling or when surrounded by people.

The unique features in the feeding bras make it easy for breastfeeding mothers to nurse their babies. These features also help to cut off embarrassment issues like milk leakage or breast exposure. Therefore, when shopping for feeding bras online, these unique features are the optimum guidelines for the right and comfortable feeding bra.