Why Add the 5kg weight plates To Your Home Gym Collection

5kg weight plates

Regardless of whether you need the weight plates for your gym or home workout, you will get a lot of choices. But it is essential to get it right. All of you know that weightlifting equipment can be a considerable investment. So when you have planned to buy the 5kg weight plates, you should know whether the decision is correct for the purpose.


A little knowledge about the types of weight plates will help you know them better. 

  1. Olympic discs have a central hole diameter of 2 inches. These will come in the standard size across the entire fitness industry. It is beneficial as these fit all commercial bars and top plate-loaded gym equipment. 
  2. Standard discs have a central hole diameter of 1 inch. It has been the primary choice for home equipment. But as the quality of home gym equipment is enhancing, so is the standard of the 5kg weight plates. Studio discs are only for group exercises. These are universal structures, and participants won’t have to work with hefty loads. Usually, such plates have rubber coating and are small with handles and bright colours. The central hole diameter is 30mm. 

As you now know about the three basic types of weight discs, you should move on to the next topic. 

Significance of the plates

The quality of the 5kg weight plates that you will buy will depend on whether your requirement is for the same.

These weight plates are 

  • Consistently stable on the lifting bar. A steady weight is good when you are trying to strengthen the muscles. 
  • The plates are much more versatile. The number of exercises you can do even at home using the plates is incredible.
  • It is also quite good for you if you are a beginner in workout sessions. It will help you to tone up the muscles gradually. 

Hence, buying the weight plates will be a wise decision, especially when continuing the fitness regime. 

Warm-up the body

As you know, it is crucial to warm up your body before plunging into a series of workouts using the machines. You can use the 5kg weight plates in the second stage of the body warm-up time. It will also contribute to burning calories and toning up the body simultaneously.

Just check that the manufacturer of the weight plates is reliable and the weight of the plates is read in numerical.

Enhance the core stability

As you hold on to the bars with 5kg weight plates, you will feel that your grip strength increases day by day. You can start with a single-weight plate and then add on. These weight plates are metallic and have the same structure and shape.

Workout is necessary to maintain an excellent physical shape and ensure that you have a sound health condition that will help you resist all diseases. Even as you stay at home, add the weight plates to your equipment collection.