Why Embedding a Social Media Feed is Effective?

Your website should have a wow factor that gives your visitors something additional that other websites don’t. So, you can embed your social media feeds on your website which will give your brand a competitive advantage to improve your online presence.

In this highly competitive world maintaining your online presence is difficult. In this cut-throat competition your brand must stand out of the box and should do their best to build trust and credibility for their businesses. Your website should have a wow factor that gives your visitors something additional that other websites don’t. So, you can embed your social media feeds on your website which will give your brand a competitive advantage to improve your online presence.
Let’s dig into this more and see why embedding social media feeds into your website proves out to be effective :

Aggregates your social media feed in one place :

As we all know social media is the best way to connect with your audience in meaningful ways. But your audience must also know about your social media existence that is the reason you should build a strong online presence. This is possible by embedding your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platform profiles directly into your website.

Before embedding social media feeds you must aggregate them in one place and create a single feed By doing this you get a chance to manage and organize your different social media profiles all in one place. For this you can use social media aggregators like Taggbox to create a customized feed suiting your website.

Makes your website more presentable and attractive 

You cannot deny the fact that visuals attract humans more rather than long texts. Transforming your websites into visually appealing and stunning ones would surely help in attracting your visitors, especially when the visuals are from social media which is truly addictive in today’s world. Not only this social media feeds to make your website’s boring interface engaging, interesting, and. With all this the visitors tend to spend more time exploring your website. 

Displays User-Generated Content  

Social media is the hub of user-generated content You can collect user’s posts images, videos that they have shared mentioning your brand, or by using your hashtags then create a UGC feed and embed it on your website. People like seeing their content displayed. When your followers create content for you, it also encourages your other customers to do so. As a result your brand social presence increases. Not only this the user-generated posts act as an asset for your brand as they are genuine and unbiased based on the true experiences of your customers.

Engages your potential audience

Now when you have attractive social media feed with user-generated content on your website. Visitors can relate to your content and will definitely develop a trust for your brand when they look at the opinions and experiences of existing customers of your brand. This way your brand is successful. In engaging more number of potential customers and also in converting them to permanent ones.

Increases Visitors Dwell Time 

When you are successful in attracting and engaging more visitors with your website content they are more likely to spend more time on your website. Due to this dwell time of your website is increased. Dwell time refers to the duration of time a visitor spends on your website exploring and doing meaningful activities such as exploring offers, creating an account, purchasing, etc. In people’s busy schedules they tend to switch over other sites if the content is not appealing to them. Social media feeds when embedded on websites help in offering relatable and relevant content due to which the visitors’ dwell time automatically increases.

Decreases Bounce Rate

When you are successful in increasing dwell time for your website with the help of social media feeds the bounce rate automatically decreases. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors leaving a website just after entering it without having a look at other pages of the website. Increased bounce rate indicates that the content of your website is boring and not appealing to your visitors.

Build Social Trust and Authenticity

Nowadays people rely on and relate more to user-generated content rather than brand commercials. Displaying reviews, image and video posts shared by your customers establish social proof for your brand. People are more likely to trust your brand if they see your current customers are happy with your product and services. Social media feeds when incorporated by your brand helps in increasing authenticity, brand reach, and also in spreading brand awareness.


Now don’t wait and think too much. As already discussed above embedding social media feeds have lots and lots of benefits. For creating feed you may use social media aggregators that provides additional features apart from creating feeds such as customization, moderation, robust analytics, UGC rights management, and many more.

So start embedding feeds and experience amazing results!