Why Solar Road Markers Are Gaining Popularity

solar road marker

Road studs are a highly practical and advantageous road safety equipment. A type of road stud powered by solar energy is a solar road marker. It is the modern-day equivalent to the traditional “CAT EYES” reflective road studs. Road Studs powered by solar energy may clearly identify the boundary of the road and give vehicles direction at night and in inclement weather. 

With the advancement of technology, there are now an increasing number of high-quality, powerful road studs available on the market.

Extreme Brightness

Ordinary reflective solar road markers are only 300 to 400 MCD brilliant, however solar road studs can shine up to 2000 MCD bright—a difference of six to seven times the former. In order to better direct cars and improve safety, the road markings can be seen in foggy conditions as well as the road’s curve. Due to the solar road studs’ exceptional brightness, they must be placed much farther away from one another than Cat Eyes—nearly twice as far—which results in the need for fewer units and a 50% cost reduction.

Affordable and self-sustaining

The Solar Road Studs run automatically without the need for an external power source or a significant investment in electrical infrastructure. They have solar rechargeable batteries or capacitors. They are easily deployable in remote locations where electric supply is either unavailable or impractical. It is a cost-effective substitute for pricey street lighting.

Accident reduction and prevention

Solar road markers can be used to improve road delineation because the increased reaction time would prevent sudden braking and last-second vehicle manoeuvres, which are the most common causes of road accidents. This is especially effective at night or in poor / bad weather conditions because bright LEDs penetrate through fog or mist and provide over 800m visibility. This improves visibility and/or warns the driver well in advance of potential hazards.

Dynamic Warning and Active Emission

At night, solar road marker flicker occasionally with a potent dynamic warning effect. Active emission of solar road studs can eliminate drivers’ reliance on vehicle lights with greater and better viewing distance while also preventing mist interference to the greatest extent. Because of the improved and farther visibility of the roadways, which prevents any inconvenience to the oncoming drivers or passengers, the use of the headlight main beam is significantly decreased.

Long lifespan of road studs: 

The lifespan of solar road markers is significantly longer than that of conventional electric lamps, including the major solar road stud components: LPSS lamps typically last 18,000 hours, while solar cell modules have a 25-year service life. Low-voltage, high-efficiency tri-color energy-saving bulbs often last 6,000 hours; extremely bright LEDs typically last more than 50,000 hours; The product is highly technologically advanced, and the accessories and control system are all made by reputable worldwide companies with clever designs.


Road studs are a very useful and beneficial piece of road safety equipment. A solar road marker can be used to clearly mark the edge of the road and provide drivers with guidance at night and adverse weather. The burden on the State Exchequer is lessened because Solar Road Studs operate automatically without the need for an external power source. Over 800m of visibility is provided by bright LEDs that cut through mist and fog. This increases visibility and gives the driver plenty of time to avoid any risks.