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Author’s Guidelines

The Daily Blog Online is the platform where readers get to read some of the interesting and informational topics from the expert writers. We strive to bring real-world writers presenting their well-researched blogs and articles on a topic or a particular niche of their interest.

The Daily Blog Online is Unique in Many Ways

We know several other portals provide an opportunity to the writers- professional and starters- to present their valuable thoughts and ideas through their blogs and articles. We make sure that your write-ups get the maximum exposure to a loyal audience base- thousands of readers and visitors visiting our portal- //

We welcome all types of writings subjected to the factor that the pieces of writing you are submitting with us meet our laid guidelines for blogs and articles. We look forward to cooperation from writers on this ground. The following are some of the writing guidelines that should be met by every writer—

  • We approve write-ups that have a minimum word count of 400 words excluding the TITLE of the article/blog.
  • We believe that the writings meet the topic and specific genre. It should not deviate from the genre. For example, an article or blog written under ‘Professional Cleaning’ must not include information on ‘Residential Cleaning’. Write-ups not following this condition will stand rejected.
  • We understand every writer submitting their entries is professional and hence, must refrain from including any explicit content in their articles or blogs. We suggest not to submit write-ups at The Daily Blog Online that contain offensive content hurting the emotions, sentiments, feelings of a community. 
  • We accept articles and blogs that have a neutral tone. We do not entertain any sort of promotion of any particular brand, product, personality, or company.
  • We also do not entertain write-ups that criticize or speak ill of other brands, products, or companies. We reject articles that negatively promote other items. So, refrain from doing this.
  • We welcome articles and blogs that are errorless. Therefore, we believe that you, being a writer, would follow the minimum writing protocol to ensure you are submitting quality write-ups. Check out for the errors on the part of grammar and sentence formation. Rectify them. Double verify them before submitting them.
  • We strictly reject articles or blogs that copy ideas or information. We request and expect writers to put up their idea and information as well. Refrain from copying and pasting. Unique content has higher credit.
  • We expect your write-ups to be properly formatted. Ensure the TITLE of the article or blog is BOLD so as the reader can differentiate it from the body of the content. We encourage a catchy and unique title for the content.
  • We give importance to Keywords. Therefore, before submitting, make sure that your write-up has the proper use of keywords or not. We also suggest that you keep an eye on the keyword density as well. Ensure these do not look stuffed.
  • Refrain from including any type of contact information in the content. If found, the entire write-up will stand canceled.

Apart from the above guidelines, we also expect the following from the contributors—

  • We welcome ideas from the bright writers. Therefore, we would encourage writers to try a little bit out of their comfort zone. We believe that for better user experience, we need to deliver new each time. Refrain from republishing ideas.
  • Resubmission of blogs and articles by changing a few words, lines, paragraphs will not be entertained.
  • We stress on quality and hence, focus on write-ups that are of top-notch. We have set a metric to assess before publishing your write-ups.
  • Refrain from writing anything that intends towards self-publishing. Apart from this, we do not entertain bulk submission. Before submitting to us, we would request the writers to ascertain that each of the pieces is solely owned by the person submitting.

The Daily Blog Online is the right place for both the readers and contributors. We act as the link between the two. We have been built right from a single write-up at a time. With the passage of years, we have almost an encyclopedia. We have thousands of write-ups spread across wide genres and fields. We aim at serving our readers with the most authentic and undisputed information so expect coordination from the writers as well.

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