Dunnage In Shipping – A Detailed Guide To Address

dunnage in shipping

If you are associated with the shipping world, you might have heard of the term dunnage in shipping. This is one packaging material used for preventing any damage to goods in a container or even for carrying vehicle or the hold of the ship. It will keep the cargo or containers in place during proper transportation. Most of the time, burlaps, paper, wooden blocks and boards are used for covering such areas. The main goal is to use the dunnage for securing and then loading the cargo for better transport. 

The primary options to consider:

Whenever you are dealing with the primary packaging option under dunnage in shipping, there are three major versions waiting for you to grab. Learning about those options beforehand is a good call if you want to make up for the right arrangements for perfect shipping.

  • The first one is the kit packs. Also primarily noted as component packs, these kit packs are used for holding out all the significant parts of any specified application or product. The main goal is to improve the level of efficiency by reducing the number of containers, otherwise needed for holding out the individual parts. 
  • The second one in this list is the custom dunnage in shipping, waiting for you to grab from multiple resources. It is mainly defined as solutions used for meeting the specified requirements of the said customers.
  • The last one in this lot is the multi-material varieties. It is mainly constructed using multiple forms of shipping materials. It will include Styrofoam and cardboard, to name a few.

Depending on your current need and work, the type of dunnage in shipping will vary. Make sure to check out your needs first and why you have to purchase dunnage before going for the right choice. It makes selection a lot easier process than before.

Perfect for protecting goods and more:

Generally speaking, dunnage is great for protecting goods and packaging from any kind of moisture or contamination. By protecting cargo from any sort of damage, dunnage will help in improving the present customer relationships and allow for that easy loading of the fragile cargo. So, most people are heading towards the wide use of dunnage in shipping these days.

  • Dunnage is primarily made using hardwood or blocking lumber. 
  • There are various species of hardwood used like maple, cherry, oak and more.
  • Some of the common sizes widely available these days are 4 x 6, 4 x4, 3 x 3, 2 x 6, 3 x 4 and more.

Make way for the right choice:

Now searching the internet world will let you come across so many companies manufacturing dunnage in shipping for your daily use. Be sure to go with the reputed firms only and check out what they are capable of offering you before finalising the best dunnage packages from those sources. The more you look for the options, the better options will keep coming to you. So, waste no time and get hold of the dunnage right now!