Simple Maintenance Tips For Your Timber Flooring Sydney

Wooden floors are quite beautiful, elegant and timeless. Once you have installed timber flooring Sydney properly, you can expect the results to last for decades. Most of these wooden floors are durable reasonably and hardwearing at the same time. But, still, you need to do your part and cover up a bit of caring and protect the floors from any manmade damage.

Well, if you know the tricks and tips to follow, you can easily ensure that the wooden floor will last for decades to come and can be passed down from generation to generation

1) Ways to maintain and protect wooden flooring:

One major way to maintain the beauty of the floor is by protecting it from any unwanted damage. You need to wipe off spills immediately when you accidentally tumble over your glass of beverage on the timber flooring Sydney. 

  • The top layers of the oil or lacquer associated with the floor will protect it but for the initial few minutes. But, if you leave the liquid to get soaked right into the wood, then it might cause some serious inseparable damages for sure. 
  • Another point to consider is to protect the floor from dents and scratches. There are some steps to follow for such maintenance values as well.
  • At first, you need to remove the footwear before you walk on your timber flooring Sydney. Outdoor footwear is known to have grit and dirt on the bottom, which is enough to scratch the wooden floors that you walked on.
  • It is perfectly ideal to leave the boots and shoes in the garage, porch or in shoe cupboards. In case you ever come across any grit or stone on the wooden floors, don’t waste time and get those removed right away!
  • Moreover, you might also have to prevent heavy objects like furniture from scratching your timber flooring Sydney. So, don’t push these furniture objects to move from one place to another. Instead, just pick up the heavy objects and move them rather than dragging them across the floor.
  • Sometimes, you can use the anti-scratch felt protector pads under the furniture. These pads will act as a soft protective barrier between heavy object and wooden flooring. So, next time you need to push something heavy on a timber flooring Sydney, you can do so without scratching the surface of the floor.

2) Clean the wooden floors well:

Cleaning wooden floors is also a straightforward mission. You just have to sweep the floor’s surface with a soft bristle brush. It is highly recommended to keep the wooden floor clean on a daily basis by removing dirt or dust from its surface. It will hardly take few minutes of your time to clean the floor. Otherwise, you can use a vacuum cleaner to do the trick as well.

3) Get along with professionals:

If you don’t have time to clean your timber flooring Sydney, you can hire professionals from reliable companies to do the services for you. They will bring in some of the major tools to clean your wooden floors in minutes.