Everything You Need To Know About 10×6 Tandem Trailers

What Is A Tandem Trailer?

A tandem axle trailer is a trailer with two sets of axels placed consecutively. These extra tyres ensure that the trailer can bear the additional weight. Further, it also secures the trailer to maintain stability while traversing at high speed and on highways. A sizable payload propensity allows for more space to store your products.

A 10×6 tandem trailer is a highly sought after commodity for farmers and those who own large acres of open land. These are primarily utilized to transport sturdy or hefty farming hardware or tools. Such trailers are produced using a heavy-duty whole checker plate design and a seven-leaf roller rocker load sharing suspension; this allows the towing process to become more convenient, with a spring rated at 2300kg capacity.

When you purchase a 10×6 tandem trailer, you will initially be presented with the option of single and tandem, i.e. dual axle trailers. Let’s understand the difference between the two. A single axle trailer has a single axle along with a wheel attached to each rear. These are generally fastened to the trailer via the sprigs or directly onto the trailer bed itself. This is accomplished with the use of clamps or similar support securing hardware. On the other hand, a tandem trailer had dual axles placed back to back to allow for the weight distribution of the load carried by trailer. A 10×6 tandem trailer might cost around $3,600 to $3,950 depending on the features and add-on that one chooses to get with it.

Benefits Of 10×6 Tandem Trailers:

1. A tandem trailer ordinarily has a worthier and more advanced suspension capacity as compared to a single axle trailer.

2. Given that the 10×6 tandem trailer is loaded optimally, i.e. how it is ideally supposed to be, it will minimize its bouncing propensity and reduce its likelihood of swaying when the vehicle is on the move.

3. These are safer than single axle trailers. Additionally, since these trailers are created to carry a load ranging from 750 kg to 2300 kg, it is essentially required by law to make a break for the trailer, adding to its safety protocol.

4. 10×6 tandem trailers are incredibly reliable and exceptionally steady as well.

5. In this case, flat tyres are rare, and even if one were to pass, it would be feasible to replace them effortlessly without using a jack.

Benefits Of Single Axle Trailers:

1. Since it only has two of each, i.e. wheels and tyres, bearings and brakes, it’s easier to maintain, repair or even replaces it if the need ever arises.

2. These are exceedingly economical for towing due to their body weight, which is significantly lower than a 10×6 tandem trailer.

3. When it comes to parking, they can make use of limited spaces.

4. Single-axle trailers are easy and convenient to steer even when being pitched opposite a similarly proportioned tandem trailer.

5. It is far more economical and inexpensive as compared to dual-axle trailers.

The following was a comparison between 10×6 tandem trailers and single axle trailers for your reference and guidance. Consider the following details alongside your requirements before making a purchase. Ensure that you are choosing quality products that will serve you optimally for a long time.