Single And Double Curtain Rod Hardware

Curtain rod hardware

There is certain hardware that does not come into sight until we are known about them. But they are so of much importance that they must be known to each one. For example, there is some curtain rod hardware that is not much known but there comes a variety of it. With different quality and some different shapes too. With different diameters and sizes.

Curtain rods are used with other finials like brackets to keep them in position and mounted to the wall. The bracket is being mounted and the rods are screwed in it properly after the curtain is in it. The brackets are made in such a way that they carry the load of the rods and the curtain for years. 2 types of curtain rods are readily available in the market and those are as follows

  • Single curtain rod
  • Double curtain rod


  • This is one of the most common types of curtain rods that you may have seen in most places.
  • A single curtain rod is a lone bar mounted on top of the window threads through rings, grommets or drapes to hold them in place.
  • Mostly the single curtain rod hardware is fixed on the bracket that is mounted on the wall and gives support to the rod.
  • These rods come in straight and curved styles.
  • The curved ones are called French rods or return rods as they block out more light than a basic single curtain rod.
  • The rods are usually capped by finials such as ornamental and know-like structures which can be removed and replaced in different styles.
  • These curtain rods look similar in design to a single curtain rod but have two rods.
  • 2 curtain rod hardware, one small with simple finials and one large with decorative finials.
  • Rest on the wall-mounted bracket which is capped by finials but allows you to layer window treatment for a more dramatic and decorative look.
  • Two different types of curtains are used in it. One is the sheer type which is used on the back side and another curtain blocks the light.
  • They come with a set with matching double brackets for an attractive look.

To make a home a better house, so many things are important in their ways. We often think of big things and forget about the smaller ones which play an important role as the bigger ones. Curtains play a very important role and so does the curtain rod hardware which includes the rods and other finials. Rods come with different diameters and different qualities. Good quality rods must be used with unique brackets to make every small space productive and beautiful in its way. Make sure to pay attention to all the small details of every space and every corner to make all the things worth it.