Exterior Tiling Solutions That All Top Tilers Normanhurst Recommend

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Summary – The great thing about tilers Normanhurst, who offer exterior tiling services, is the vast number of material and design options they offer. Let’s explore the best exterior tiling solutions to determine which one’s best for your yard.

If your property has considerable amounts of ‘outdoor areas’ (yards, patios, etc.), you probably spend a lot of time dutifully trimming the grass, watering the flower beds, cleaning the entry points, etc. Most homeowners will do all it takes to make their property’s exterior regions look more pleasant. 

But, the extremes in temperatures that locals experience often make outside spaces like patios and decks inhospitable. Plus, these structures suffer from a lot of sunlight damage during the summer months. Thankfully, homeowners can easily avoid these issues by replacing the flooring on these areas with the aid of high-quality tilers Normanhurst. 

Tiles offer outstanding surfaces for decks, patios, and other outside areas because –  

  • They’re extremely durable against weather-related damages
  • They’re easy to maintain
  • Unlike floor pavers or cement blocks, tiles are extremely stable. 
  • Top tilers Normanhurst offer countless tile options in terms of material, style, design, and colours. They can easily complement any outdoor environment. 

If your outdoor areas need a bit of renovation, here are some amazing outdoor tile options –  

Natural Stone Tiles

The most popular outdoor tiles are made of granite, slate, travertine, or limestone. All of these tiles fall under the category of “natural stone tiles.” However, most of these materials are extremely heavy and hard to install. So, tilers Normanhurst naturally charge a bit more to install them.

Natural stone tiles make up for the high upfront costs in the long run. They’re extremely durable, and they always make the heads of visitors turn with awe and amazement. Homeowners can even add anti-slip coatings on their polished natural stone tiles and use them around pool areas. 

Quarry Tiles

Quarry tiles are the typical moorland-red-coloured tiles that you see in classical Middle Eastern homes. Made from natural clay, top tilers Normanhurst recommend these tiles to homeowners because they’re extremely strong and durable. 

  • The dark reddish/maroon-like colour of these tiles makes them the most unique-looking tiles in the market. 
  • Top tilers Normanhurst usually install quarry tiles in Mediterranean-styled homes. But they also look great outside homes with modernistic designs. 
  • Quarry tiles are inherently quite thick and dense, so they’re very hard to damage. Don’t expect your quarry tiles to be damaged by rainfall or sunlight. 

Overall, the relatively rare and severely underrated quarry tiles can help you make your home’s exterior regions look unique. 

Porcelain Tiles 

Given that porcelain tiles are the most-used tiles in the world, it’s hard to not mention this reliable tiling option in this list. Porcelain tiles are loved by all tilers Normanhurst because they’re easy to manoeuvre and customize. That’s why it’s easy to find porcelain tiles that look exactly like natural stone. 

  • Unlike ceramic (another popular tiling option), porcelain has an extremely low absorption rate which makes it better suited for outdoor areas that experience a lot of moisture and sunlight. 
  • Porcelain is also naturally resistant to mildew, mould, bacterial infestations, and staining.
  • Porcelain tiles can easily withstand severe fluctuations in temperature without cracking. 
  • Special non-slip coatings can be added to these tiles to make outdoor steps and walkways safer. 

Which tiling option is better suited for your front yard? Choose wisely!