6 Benefits Of Using Wooden Boxes For Packaging And Storage

wooden boxes for packaging

The anxiety about the potential damage to the goods while shipping is common for all the manufacturers and suppliers. Even when choosing the most reputed shipping company, you cannot be sure about the condition of the products once they reach the destination. The tension is even greater when you are transporting fragile goods. Surprisingly, the wooden boxes for packaging can become the solution for the common problems. 

  1. No unnecessary movement

Keep a small glass ball inside a big wooden crate and seal the box. Now roll it a few times and shake it vigorously. Open the crates now with a high chance to see the glass balls broken into pieces. Now take a small crate almost the size of the ball and repeat the above activities. The result? The glass balls are intact. 

The wooden boxes for packaging are ideal for fragile shipping items as these will not provide much extra space inside for the free movement of the things. If the size of the product is exactly the apt one for fitting inside, you don’t have to put in the cushioning materials too. The tings will remain intact due to strict limitation of movement.

  1. Withstanding vertical pressure

When you are shipping huge quantities of products, you must be storing them and transporting them by placing the crates in stacks. If the constituent material is not sturdy enough, the small boxes will perish under the pressure of the vertical layers. If you have planned to use the wooden boxes for packaging, you don’t have to worry about stacking too. The vertical pressure is something that these wooden pallets can resist, even if they are small in size.

  1. Proper ventilation

You can choose to ship various types of products in small boxes, including fruits and vegetables.

  • Unhindered air circulation is essential to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh.
  • Accurate ventilation is mandatory whenever you are transporting food products. And the small wooden crates are just the things you need for the purpose. 
  1. Natural source

As you know, shipping the food-grade items or food products is a matter of grave responsibility as you have to ensure that the food does not undergo any contamination. The wooden boxes for packaging are the products of natural plant sources. So there is no question of having any contamination when you are already using a natural material to prepare the boxes.

  1. Easy storage

It is also a challenging task to manage the storage of huge quantities of manufactured products if the space in your warehouse or storehouse is minimum. But storing the wooden boxes for packaging is easier as the individual pallets won’t occupy much space. You can stack them in rows and vertical stacks, too, for saving space.

  1. Better protection

Don’t underestimate the strength of the wood owing to the small size. The intrinsic strength of wood never diminishes when using the same material to make the small boxes. Moreover, it is possible to customize the size of the boxes as per the size of the small products. It will save the expenses for buying packing materials.