Guide For Buying Compact Off-road Caravans And River Caravans

one of the most important features of a river caravan

Looking out for some tips to buy compact off road caravans for sale? Are you speculating whether to buy or not buy a river caravan? Well, get the answers to these questions with the ultimate buying guide for compact off the road and river caravans.

The caravan can add more luxury to your travel. It can help you to enjoy your journey with the utmost ease. Whether it is a family trip or an unplanned road trip with friends, river caravans can make your voyage interesting and full of excitement. 

There is a plethora of compact off road caravans for sale that are available in the market. However, it is necessary to do complete research and make sure to follow a buying guide to make an informed and well-thought decision. 


One of the primary things that you need to determine is the budget for the off road caravan. Generally, the compact off road caravans for sale are reasonably priced and will cost you around $20,000. These caravans are apt for short trips and youngsters. The storage capacity of compact off road caravan is relatively less than that of a full-size caravan. 

These caravans are robust and lightweight too. The fuel bill of a river caravan is economical. This caravan can accommodate a small family too. Therefore, if you have a tight budget you can consider a compact off road caravan.

Electronic Stability Control: 

This is one of the most important features of a river caravan. It provides better control of the vehicles as well as provides more safety too. Electronic stability control should be checked especially if you are an avid traveller and takes off road journeys often.  

Availability Of Spare Parts: 

Buy a compact off road caravan for sale which is a current model. Ask your seller if the spare parts of the caravan are easily available in the market. Also, research where you can find the spare part of the compact off road caravan in Australia. 

Check The Roadworthiness: 

A river caravan should comply with all the Australian Standards and must be able to perform flawlessly on road. Check its engine model, make, the certificate as well as fittings thoroughly before buying the same. You can also ask for the test drive of the same to be sure about your decision.

Condition Of Brake And Tyres: 

Whether you are buying a compact off road caravan for sale or a semi caravan. Thoroughly check the condition of its brakes and tyres. You can also ask a professional technician to inspect the caravan in detail and give his review on the same.

A compact off road caravan/river caravan is surely a delight for any camping lovers and travellers. It is suitable for any kinds of road trips and expeditions.

However, it is lucrative to do comprehensive research and get detailed knowledge about different types of caravans, what are their features, price, specialty etc. A river caravan can surely add more thrill, excitement, and lux to your journey.