Different Types Of Timber Flooring In Kellyville

In general, woods are classified as softwood and hardwood. If you are planning to install timber flooring in Kellyville area house then you must know the basic details of the wood. In this article let us discuss some of the common terms related to timber flooring Kellyville. 


Some of the best examples of hardwood are maple, birch, ash, oak, walnut, teak, and mahogany. One common thing about all the above-mentioned trees are its type. It all belongs to the deciduous tree. This type of trees will shed their leaves during the autumn season. Hardwoods are a little expensive when compared with the softwood. All types of hardwoods are more durable. The main reason for the high cost is its demand and supply. Hardwood trees take more time to grow when compared with the softwood trees. Hardwoods are used for timber flooring in Kellyville. Since it can withstand wear and tear to a great extent. Hardwoods are resistant to fire. 


Softwood needs very less time to grow when compared with the hardwood. Softwoods are less expensive when compared with the hardwoods because of their easy availability. Some of the trees that are used as softwoods are sporting needle and evergreen. These trees do not shed. It is mostly used in the construction industry, for making furniture and cabinets. Some of the common softwood trees are fir, larch, cedar, spruce, and pine. The density of the softwood is less when compared with the hardwood. So most of the time, softwoods are less hardwearing. 

Engineered wood:

In addition to softwood and hardwood timber flooring in Kellyville, people also prefer engineered wood flooring for their residential and commercial places. Many layers of plywood are combined to form the engineered wood. Sometimes HDF (High-Density Fibreboard) is used instead of the ply to form the core board. The outer or top layer of this core board is made using solid wood lamella. A thick layer of HDF is fixed in different directions to form a hard and strong outer layer. The top or the outer layer of engineered wood is mostly made up of walnut, larch, and oak. 

Once you decided to install timber flooring then the three options available are hardwood flooring, softwood flooring and engineered wood flooring. Selecting the type of timber flooring in Kellyville depends on various factors. Some of the main factors are the total budget allocated for installing timber floor, temperature changes in your area, humidity level, and color preference. Select the best supplier in your area because the lifetime of the timber flooring depends on the quality of the material used and also the installation process of the timber flooring. So hire a professional and experienced service person for installing the timber flooring. 

Regular maintenance will increase the life period of the timber floors. Hardwood timber flooring needs less maintenance when compared with the softwood timber flooring. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintaining the timber flooring in Kellyville.