10 Tried and Tested Tips to Electrically Rewire an Old Home

Buying old homes and buildings is a smart investment idea but you have to be particularly careful about wiring electrical circuit in them. Old wiring is more prone to cause fire apart from giving you and your family members, nasty electrical shocks. Therefore, it is important to rewire such homes and buildings before moving in. 

Electrical rewiring projects are always disruptive and messy. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore a few tips to make the task easier and safer.

  • Create diagrams

Old buildings were constructed and wired up in a bygone era when there was no need to plug in as many gadgets like today. In fact, many of the gadgets we use in the present times were not invented at that time. Prepare a diagram of your property that shows where the sockets already exist and where you have to add more.

  • Hire a licensed electrician 

Any kind of electrical project must be done with optimum safety. Hire licensed electricians, who are well-aware of the existing building regulations in your city. This is likely to inflate your budget but it also ensures your safety from any kind of electrical hazard at your new home.

  • Work out a budget

Some electrical works are essential while some are optional or selective. Work out a budget before the work starts. This helps you stay focused on getting the essential works done earlier on a priority basis.

  • Work without hurry

Do not start work in a hurry. Rather take your time, apply all your senses and check out what is on the other side of a wall before you start the drilling work.

  • First, understand the property

Many older homes and buildings were wired up using techniques that are considered illegal in the present times. Conduct a thorough survey on the wiring techniques existing in the property. This way you get to know everything that must be replaced with urgency.

  • Replace the lighting

Usually, lighting has to be replaced in any rewiring project. You should calculate the cost of lighting replacement in your budget to make the ends meet smoothly.

  • Redecoration plan

Do not even consider painting the property before the rewiring project gets over. Else you may have to fill in a lot of holes on the walls later.

  • Wear the hat of creativity

Conduct researches and surveys to select the fixtures and fittings that cater to your taste and choice. 

  • Fuse-boxes are crucial

 Older homes usually do not have fuse boxes in their electrical circuits and they also do lack RCD protection. But these factors are crucial to saving your life as well that of your family members in case of any hazard. Discuss with your electrician if you need a new consumer unit. 

  • Build a smarter home

Electrical rewiring is a great opportunity to modernize your home. Consider using a USB socket to your walls and install smart lighting to modernize your new home.

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