Making The Right Choice: Door Handle Styles

front door handles

We typically ignore front door handles or door knobs while planning our interior design. However, by carefully picking your door hardware, you may improve the look of your interiors while providing practicality and security to your house.

The growing popularity of interior design has expanded the variety of front door handle types and designs available on the market. There are several door knobs to fit every interior décor choice, ranging from modern and contemporary to traditional, vintage-inspired forms. It might be tough to select the correct front door handles for your home, but it does not have to be. With so many alternatives available, choosing which to use for your décor style might be difficult. 

Our specialists will go over all of the current door furniture trends as well as provide important technical advice on selecting the finest front door handles for your home to complete any interior.

Consider your home’s design: 

If your home is classic in design or historical property, using creative angular handles will sound weird and appear out of place. Similarly, choosing an ancient, traditional handle for your doors would disrupt the smooth modern interior of your home. We will walk you through some of the front door handles styles available to give you a better sense of which style to choose.


Modern front door handles stand out with bold clean lines, current curves, and geometric forms. Modern handles, which are often minimalist in style, are the perfect finishing touch to homes inspired by simplicity. Modern door handles have a comfortable appearance, and the fact that they are available in neutral tones like chrome only highlights their unassuming appearance.


A great way to incorporate period characteristics into your house, our traditional front door handles are the perfect finishing touch for properties inspired by classic, period homes or antique decor. Combining classic door handles with warmer, aged metal finishes, which are available in a variety of finishes, gives added character and flair to your house.


The Victorian era was characterised by elegance, and Victorian door knobs reflect this. Taking influence from this era, front door handles are one-of-a-kind, with sharp, ornate patterns that make them an easy but eye-catching addition to your entryway. Victorian door knobs, which are available in brass and chrome finishes, are a simple way to bring elegance, flair, and beauty to your house.

Backplate lever handle

The Lever Handle on Backplate is a classic style that matches old design schemes beautifully. Lever Handles on Backplate are available with and without keyholes, as well as bathroom thumb turns and euro-locks in a variety of styles to fit any interior or room, including closet doors. Furthermore, their modern backplate front door handles conceal all screws and mechanisms for a tidy, streamlined finish.

Rose’s lever handle

The Lever on Rose’s door handle is a simple and beautiful design that will complement any home. The ‘rose’ is the phrase used to describe the handle plate, which can be round or square in form. The rose conceals screws and fittings for an elegant, sleek finish that lays flush against the door. It is perfect for use on inside doors. Depending on the space and its needs, you may combine the Lever on Rose front door handles with a variety of locks, thumb turns, and latches.