The Need for CCTV Surveillance at Construction Sites

Construction sites are hazardous and prone to a lot of casualties. Nowadays, many real estate companies are using security systems to enhance the safety level at construction sites. They are installing sophisticated CCTV cameras at their locations to safeguard their work from different mishappenings. Having a sound CCTV security system offers a guarantee along with a lot of benefits, and significant advantages are listed below: 

  1. Vandalism

Under the influence of alcohol or just for an adventure, vandals often enter construction sites. They may destroy machines and equipment or steal them. Installing CCTV cameras ensures protection against vandals. Having a CCTV system at the site will scare them off for taking unwanted actions. In case of any misfortunes, the camera footage can provide solid evidence for investigation purposes. 

  1. Trespassing 

Trespassing is a criminal offence. Construction sites are often intruded upon, leading to the destruction of extravagant equipment, tools, and injuries. Installing CCTV cameras will help the site manager to observe the site and surroundings for trespassers. Security systems can also disperse unwanted crowds.

  1. Safety Violation

Construction is a risky business. The labourers have to follow certain precautions while working. Besides CCTV, you should also install safety measures like fire extinguishers, and other emergency alerts required.  

CCTV cameras come in handy for both the site officer and workers.

  • The site engineers use CCTV to keep a check on their workers. It gives assurance that labourers are following all rules and regulations. 
  • If any accidents occur due to the management’s failure or recklessness to provide basic safety, the workers can use the footage as evidence in lawsuits. 
  1. Theft of Equipment or Materials

From cement and iron bars to heavy machinery, tools, and equipment, nearly all essentials for construction are expensive. Therefore, people tend to steal them. 

The superior quality CCTV cameras can efficiently prevent thefts at these sites. The manager can ensure that workers are not thieving him amidst work. The cameras warn intruders that they are under surveillance.

  1. Health and Safety 

According to different laws, construction sites must ensure the health and safety of all, as there are many significant risk factors involved. They should also consider the safety of nearby residents and industries along with their workers’ safety. 

In case of emergencies, the CCTV footage will help analyze the cause of the accident and help prevent future occurrences. Furthermore, it helps to eye on workers for any abuse, dispute, or aggressive behaviour. 

  1. Gain real-time feedback

Installing analytical software CCTV will further detect environmental cues and alert the site owners with SMS’. The developer can speak and guide the workers using loudspeakers. Moreover, they can use it to threaten if they suspect anything fishy. 

  1. Recording accidents

Even after taking all precautions, unpredicted accidents occur at construction sites. Using frame-by-frame analysis helps discover the root cause of such accidents. The CCTV camera footage supports accident reports and legal disputes regarding a work injury. The manager can use the information for disciplinary action if required. 

Be it any human error or equipment failure, CCTV helps to unravel the cause. If looked upon and corrected, the quantity and frequency of accidents reduce drastically. As described, CCTV’s are of great importance. They ensure a safe and healthy workspace. Despite preventing setbacks, the security system helps in keeping track of progress and updating the project.