Things To Remember Before Making Your Purchase Of A Refrigerated Truck Body For Sale!

Things To Remember Before Making Your Purchase Of A Refrigerated Truck Body For Sale!

A refrigerated truck body/ container is generally a temperature-controlled truck used to safely transport perishable goods like fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat, seafood, flowers, pharmaceuticals, and other frozen goods that might get spoiled if the proper temperature is not set and maintained. Using a refrigerated truck is the most ideal and cost-saving approach that helps save you tonnes of money while getting your goods transported safely and efficiently. Therefore, before buying refrigerated truck bodies for sale, make sure you thoroughly go through the various options offered by your refrigerator truck company to help you purchase your next refrigerated truck.

This article will help you understand the working of a refrigerated truck, its types, benefits, goods that can be transported and the dos and don’ts for refrigerated truck transportation.

Working of a refrigerated truck body: Generally, a T-shaped decking structure is present at the flooring of the refrigerated truck body. They are designed in such a way as to keep the airflow constant and cool even when driven in the harshest conditions. Usually, the temperature inside the refrigerated truck bodies can vary between -40 degrees Celcius to 40 degrees Celsius. Compared to a conventional truck body, a refrigerated truck body differs in size, design, power generation and electrical circuitry. As they have their refrigeration units, they almost can cost 7-8 times more than a typical truck.

Advantages of refrigerated trucks: When buying from a reputed refrigerator truck company, you can be assured to get the following benefits:

  • Your refrigerated truck would easily carry the load and transport your goods and cargo quickly and efficiently without any hassle from one point to another.
  • The company will help you with custom design, styles and ideas to get the best out of your refrigerated truck bodies for sale as per your requirements.
  • These trucks would be highly durable and can work in almost any condition to ensure your goods reach your assigned destination safely.
  • They will help you return much greater profits in the long run.
  • Loading and unloading goods and other cargo has become relatively more accessible and safe with the latest designs and models.

Types of reefers that you can choose from:

With the transportation business growing exponentially, several reefers in the market can choose from for your transportation requirements. 

Some of the most commonly used referees are as follows:

Closed Reefer: These are the traditional reefer that comes with a single body unit. It comes with a rear wall opening and has an all-electric heating and cooling unit present. 

Controlled Atmosphere Reefer: These insulated containers have a specially designed device that keeps the air temperature in the contained constant and does not allow the temperature to drop below a certain level to ensure your products stay fresh and keeps a consistent temperature throughout the journey.

Automatic Fresh Air Management Reefer: These are the most modern reefers made using sophisticated technology to ensure that the air quality and temperature are maintained automatically. They work similarly to a controller atmosphere reefer but has advanced features and remote-control technology to help keep the quality of the products without any degradation.

Know your cargo before purchasing your refrigerated truck bodies for sale:

A reliable refrigerator truck company will help you find or build a custom reefer truck that will keep your shipment safe and fresh at the time of delivery. They can be classified as Chilled goods, Frozen goods and Miscellaneous Cargo.

  • Chilled Goods- These include fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs and seafood. These require low temperatures during transportation but not below zero degrees. They should be transported at an ideal temperature to ensure that the goods don’t go stale or lose their quality. 
  • Frozen Goods- These goods must be stored below zero degrees that might go up to -20 degrees. These products include- ice cream, frozen meat, poultry, ready-made or processed food and seafood. Transportation at the right temperature allows the goods to retain their quality, texture, flavour and aroma.
  • The specialised cargo includes electronic goods, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, etc., that need extra protection and care while making the deliveries set at optimal temperature and humidity control. 

The ideal dos and don’ts that various refrigerated truck companies follow:

When getting your goods or cargo delivered, these are the following things that you should check for:

  • Ensure that the packages are properly packed, sealed and adjusted in the pallets or containers to stabilise them. 
  • Setting the correct temperature and humidity requirements. Get the ventilation and proper airflow going. 
  • Pre-cool the cargo if the need arises. 
  • Taking insurance for your cargo is the best option to go for before every trip to avoid unwanted losses.
  • Regular servicing and maintenance to ensure better durability and longer life for your refrigerated truck.

The following are things that you should not be doing with your reefer truck:

  • Overloading your refrigerated truck is simply a no-no. 
  • Fill maximum up to the T-mark of your flooring for maximum cooling. Try not to fill till the edges.
  • Do not block any ventilation and air-flow spaces. 
  • Keep the insulations unchecked for any leaks or unsuitable environment.

Visit our nearest refrigerator truck company that will help you choose your perfect refrigerated truck bodies for sale at the best price to ensure that your goods and cargo reach safely and intact to your destination. Check for free quotes as per your needs and select your refrigerator truck company with the best value for money service.