What Are The Different Ways In Which You Can Repair Concrete Floors?

repair concrete floors

When cracks appear on the concrete surface, one should ensure they are covered immediately. Selecting a suitable method to help repair concrete floors is crucial for the best result. Proper evaluation of the crack should help you choose the ideal way to get your concrete crack repaired.

If you are worried about your concrete crack repairs, this article will guide you through the different methods used to repair a concrete floor. Some of the widely used techniques for concrete crack repairs include- epoxy injection, routing and sealing, grouting, stitching, drilling and plugging and lastly gravity filling method. One can go for a DIY procedure if they are confident enough to handle the sealants and equipment properly or call for a professional to do the repairs for better durability.

Epoxy Injection-

This technique is mainly used to fill or repair narrow gaps or spaces. This method requires you to properly clean the adjacent area, establish an appropriate entry point and venting ports, and inject the crack with high-pressure epoxy to fill the top surface edge. Epoxy injections are mainly used to repair the concrete floor of buildings, bridges, dams and other concrete structures. It is to be noted that the leading cause of the problem for the cracks should be first repaired to ensure that they do not crack in the future. Also, epoxy injections are best used for dry concrete crack repairs. They require high precision to fill the gaps, and a proper epoxy solution is a must to get the desired result.

Routing and Sealing of Cracks-

This technique best suits remedial concrete repairs. This method requires the crack to be enlarged and exposed to fill the sealant to correctly cover the gap. This technique is quite efficient and straightforward as compared to an epoxy injection.  Ideally, they are used for flat horizontal surfaces like floorings and pavements. Routing and sealing techniques can be used for repairing smaller and larger cracks. However, they are not suitable for structural crack repairs.

Concrete Crack Repair by Stitching-

This method utilises holes drilled at both sides of the crack and grouting with a U-shaped metal (similar to a staple) covering the entire gap. If the tensile strength of the concrete is an issue, this technique is the ideal choice to go forward with. The cracks are then filled with grout or an epoxy-based resin to ensure they remain intact.

Drilling and Plugging Method-

Here, the cracks are drilled further down the length of the crack and then plugged using grouting. This method comes in handy when the repairs do the concrete floor is in a straight line. Ideally used with vertical wall cracks, the holes are drilled at the centre of the crack, and the grout prevents the crack from elongating further. The grouting material also plays an essential role in this technique, and one should use the proper grouting material as per the type of repair needed.

Gravity filling method-

This method induces low-viscosity monomers and resins to ensure the concrete crack repairs are completed successfully. For finer gaps, low-viscosity resins are a perfect choice. This technique utilises air blasting/ water blasting to clean the surface, after which they should be left to dry out completely to ensure the best crack filling. The penetration depth of the crack should be considered to ensure proper crack filling, after which tension tests are performed with load kept parallel to the repaired cracks for the best concrete crack repairs.

Additionally, to repair concrete floors using grout, you can select a Portland cement grouting, dry packing, Overlay and Surface Treatments of Cracks, Surface treatments and overlays.

Hoping the above methods to get your concrete cracks repaired helps you find the perfect solution. Search for reliable and professional concreters that will help you retain the elegant looks of your concrete surface by getting the exact repair for your concrete floor at the best price. Getting your concrete cracks repairs done will undoubtedly help elongate the life span of your concrete floors and surface by at least five to ten years, and it also comes with a guarantee so that you can remain stress-free about the repairs of your concrete floor.