Is Your Business Being Eco-friendly By Buying new Wooden Pallets?

new wooden pallets
Key to storing and transporting hundreds of products, wood pallets are becoming more expensive, almost doubling in price in the first half of 2021. (Ed Davis / Empire West Plastics photo)

Buying new wooden pallets comes with certain responsibilities. Here’s how businesses can invest in these useful packaging tools while staying eco-friendly. 

When businesses plan to invest in new wooden pallets, they have to consider the environmental impact of this decision. For many years, consumer demands have compelled businesses to find ways to lessen their negative effects on the environment. Although wood is still the most sustainable pallet material on the market, it’s not free from criticism. 

Many companies have attempted to build circular business models by investing in fixed sets of plastic pallets. These pallets don’t offer the safety, durability, and recyclability that brand new wooden pallets offer. But are they more sustainable than traditional wood pallets? Let’s explore. 

Why Wooden Pallets Attract Buyers

Although pallets are currently manufactured using a variety of materials, wood (timber in particular) has dominated the marketplace for various reasons. The main reason is that it provides excellent value in terms of cost and performance. 

  • Timber is a stiff and sturdy material that makes it ideal for shipping.
  • Locally sourced wood, oak, etc., are extremely inexpensive compared to chemically engineered materials.
  • It’s very easy to fabricate timber into different sizes and designs.

How to Be Eco-Friendly While Using Wooden Pallets?

The pallet strength, ease of recycling, and ease of cleaning make brand new wooden pallets the best packaging option in the market. Companies that are attempting to invest in sustainability practices can attain these benefits that wooden pallets offer by –

Only Work With Reliable Suppliers

Here are the main concerns that people have about wooden pallet use –

  • They eliminate carbon-sequestering trees from our environment.
  • Irresponsible logging and unchecked deforestation contribute to swarming landfills.
  • Many sellers eventually discard their wooden pallets instead of recycling them. 

The only way to discourage these negative effects is to partner only with pallet sellers that are invested in eco-friendly policies. Many pallet sellers plant a tree for each one they cut down. They also supervise logging projects in a way that reduces damage to the overall forest ecosystem. 

Buy Softwood Pallets, Not Hardwood

If you see new wooden pallets on sale, you should first check whether they are made from softwood or hardwood. Hardwood trees require eighty to a hundred and twenty years to reach maturity. Softwood trees mature much faster, so fully replacing them is easier for sellers. 

Demand Recycling 

You can expect your new wooden pallets to give you years of service. These pallets are also easy to repair. Unfortunately, many business owners choose not to invest in repairs. Their semi-damaged wood pallets typically wind up overcrowding landfills. Not only do old wood pallets take up unnecessary space, but they also contribute to hazardous landfill conditions.

The only way to avoid these issues is by demanding recycling. There are several pallet recycling centers across the country. In these places, wood pallets are recycled into mulch. This mulch is resold as landscaping and gardening material. So, businesses must demand recycling services from their pallet sellers. Or they should independently find and partner with such recycling centers. 

Your business can be eco-friendly and still use wooden pallets as long as you follow these guidelines!